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You can now turn your WordPress website into an app in just a few seconds the most interesting thing is, that you don’t have to be a programmer before attaining this level. with the help of a WordPress plugin, you can easily convert your website into a creative app with many features.

Gone are the days when a WordPress site is underrated, currently, you can achieve a lot with just a WordPress website, this was made possible because of those useful WordPress plugins created by talented developers.

Converting your website into an app is no longer rocket science, you can now do it by yourself and achieve good results in the end.

An app is one of the ways to attract and retain users on your website, many users prefer apps to going to website browsers to locate a particular website. That’s why it’s important to get one for your website.

Keep reading, I will show you one of the best plugins you can use to convert your website into an app, even if you are a novice you can still do it because the plugin has made everything simple.

Numerous plugins on WordPress can assist you in converting your website into an app.

But I’m here to reveal to you the best WordPress plugin that will help you convert your website into an iOS and Android mobile app, I’m talking about AppPresser.

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AppPresser introduction

AppPresser is a software that specializes only in converting a WordPress website into an app.

AppPresser has made it more convenient for WordPress users to convert their website to an app in seconds through their available plugins and themes to give it the best design.

AppPresser will convert your WordPress site into a standard and professional app that has a beautiful design with easy navigational features.

Do you want your beautiful website to have an app too? Then consider AppPresser as the best plugin that can do that for you.

AppPresser prices and packages 

Exclusive Features of AppPresser 

AppPresser possessed many features that rated it higher and made it one of the best plugins to convert websites into apps.

The AppPresser Component System

This is one of the top-notch Features of AppPresser, with this feature you can be able to combine different types of WordPress plugin to give your app an excellent design with good navigation.

Eg. You may decide to use the learndash component and at the same time use the Buddypress component to create an Educational learning forum that allows users to chat and connect.

There are many others you can combine as well.

Your Visual App Customizer

This allows you to select the kind of page you want for your app, you are free to choose the page you want that suits your app type 

Then go ahead to customize it to your test.

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Familiar WordPress Customizer

This means that if you are more familiar with WordPress then you will find the customization very friendly and easier to carry out.

Push Notifications

Setting up push notifications to notify users of an important message is one of the features of AppPresser.

This feature is very easy and simple to set up, you can set it up through many channels eg with AppPush plugin, using custom API, or directly from the AppPresser dashboard.

Just like well well-known app sends push notifications to users to notify them of when someone sends them a friend request or sends them a message that’s how your users will also receive notifications when they are mentioned on your app.

Even when you publish a new post they will also get the notifications.

Translations and RTL

You can translate your app and also give users the option to choose their preferred languages.

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Live App Preview

As you are designing your app you can also set a live App Preview to enable you to take a look at how your app looks like.

This will prevent you from creating unwanted apps at the end.

Types of apps that can be created with AppPresser 

With the AppPresser WordPress plugin, you can create and convert your WordPress site into different types of apps you want

Below are the examples of apps to create with AppPresser

  • Membership apps: a type of app that requires users to log in before viewing what’s on the app.
  • Non-profit apps: for creating a charity organizations app that users can use to donate money
  • Woocommerce app: for selling products, users will be able to purchase and make payments for those products they purchased.
  • Podcast apps:for creating podcast apps
  • Buddyboss apps: for creating social media apps where users can post and interact with each other eg  Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Learndash apps:for learning courses or for education purposes.

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Why you should consider using the AppPresser WordPress plugin 

Login and Registration

Allows your users to register with their details eg Email or phone number, they can also log in with their details anytime they want.

Your app can be Monetize with Ads

You can always monetize your app any time you wish. Eg you can make use of admob to show ads on your website.

Available Offline Content

You have the right to make a post to be available offline which users can download offline and go through it at their convenient time.

Carry Analytics

This allows you to link up your Google Analytics so that you can monitor how users are interacting on your website.

Protected Content

With this certain pages on your app will require users to log in before they can be able to read the content.


Your app users can make use of their native camera to upload images on the app.

Without wasting time you can use AppPresser to convert your website to the desired app you want.

Click here to get started now.

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