What Content Management System Do Big Companies Use?

Content Management System

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Have you ever visited a big company’s website and wondered how they achieved such a good-looking design for their website? I want to assure you that most of these websites make use of a reliable and trusted content management system.

A good Content management system will transform your website and make it stand tall among others.

You can integrate any powerful features you want on your website without even knowing coding and programming 

because the CMS will perfectly take care of those things and make the steps achievable and simple with just one click.

Let me introduce to you the most powerful and reliable content management system used by most big companies.

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Introduction to sitejet

Sitejet offers a powerful CMS to help website owners optimize their website to a standard and professional good-looking website.

Big companies use Sitejet to carry out tasks needed on their websites.

Keep reading because I will reveal those wonderful offered by Sitejet to help you accelerate your website to another dimension.

Features of sitejet

These are the following features to achieve with Sitejet.



This feature allows you to construct and design a website uniquely and stylishly.

Below are the features you can carry

Section Presets: this allows you to choose from over 120 prebuilt structures for your website.

Without wasting time you will get that perfect design you wished for your website.

You don’t have to stress yourself again because those structures are well organized, all you have to do is select the cool structure you wish.

Website Editor: sitejet offers numerous integration setups to help you accelerate your website speed and performance on search engines.

Template pool: over 140 available templates you can choose from, no matter the niche or type of your website you will surely get the perfect template that will suit your website.

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The content management system by Sitejet allows you to harness your content and set it properly for ranking.

Image Editing: you can compress your images, resize and crop them, can adjust and edit the image in any way you want.

You will carry all of these inside Sitejet’s app after you are done then you integrate them into your website.

AI Text Generator: with sitejet you can quickly generate SEO content for your pages and products, there is no need to stress yourself in typing when you can do it with the AI.

Pixel-perfect Design Features:

You have the flexibility to design the layout of your website to fit the type of project you are building.


With Sitejet, you can manage the progress and performance of your websites.

This allows you to keep in check and monitor how your website is growing 

Things to achieve with project management

Website Project Manager: this is a dashboard to closely view the data of how your website is doing.

You can take a look at t them right from your dashboard.

All Projects Dashboard: with you, you can be able to control all connected websites from a single dashboard and monitor their revenues and all that.

Recurring Revenue: as a big website you can easily take a look at your client’s Subscription, revenues, reoccurring payments, etc.

All these will be shown on a dashboard

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This feature helps you to communicate effectively with your customers on your website.

Collect data and create Briefings: you will be able to collect your customer’s feedback and experiences regarding your website and its services.

File Transfer and Management: this allows you to share files with your customers or your customers can be able to share files with you right from the customer portal.

No matter the size of the file it will be sharable between you and your customers.

Email Manager: easily send out Emails to your customer’s right sitejet app.

Create Email Templates: you can create and redesign your Email Templates as you want with the available templates, just fill in some tests and you are done.

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Sitejet provides you with the perfect and secure hosting for your website.

When you host your website with Sitejet you will not worry again concerning security issues.

Unlimited Visits per Project: As your website visitors increase it will never lead to your site crashing because you are making use of a good host from sitejet.

SSL, CDN & DDoS Protection: SSL and all that will be available on your website.

Hosting Package: free to choose any hosting package that suits your website 

Automated Backups: your website will be automatically backed up frequently so that you will not lose any files or content.

Even if you mistakenly deleted any of your files you can still have it back because it’s fully backup.

Get started now

Sitejet is one of the content management systems perfect for big companies and websites.

Prices and packages of sitejet 

Why you should choose sitejet 

  • Allows you to design your website as you wish, you can design with an HTML editor, CSS editor, and JavaScript editor.
  • All the templates offered by Sitejet work and display perfectly on all devices including desktop and mobile devices.
  • No more stressing yourself and wasting time because there are already built-in shortcuts to help you achieve things without wasting time.

Get started now

Benefits of having sitejet 

E-commerce: you can an E-commerce Features on your website eg checkout page, cart, product pages, etc.

Website Check: with sitejet’s Ai you can run a quick website check on your website to find out if there’s any error.

Multi-user & Permissions: this allows you to assign tasks to those working on your website 

To-Do Management: sitejet allows you to give tasks to those working on your website, you can give them different tasks and set deadlines for them to finish up with the task.

Project Time Tracking: after assigning those tasks to your workers on your website, you can also monitor time the spend on each work.

Unlimited email: you can create email as you want without getting restricted. Etc.

Sitejet is one of the content management systems that will help you achieve your dream Website.

This is the reason why large companies and websites make use of it.

To properly manage and boost your website performance, you can sign up with Sitejet today through this link.

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