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Do you need to track social media audiences on your website? especially the Facebook audience. The simplest method of doing this is to make use of a WordPress plugin.

One of the best ways of monitoring your social media traffic to your website is through Facebook pixel, with this, you can take the full record of all that’s happening on your website through social media.

To fully get started on Tracking your social media traffic you have to integrate Facebook pixel on your website so that it will track everything for you.

In integrating the Facebook pixel it’s either you do it manually or you do it with the help of a WordPress plugin.

With a WordPress plugin, the steps of integrating Facebook pixel will become easier for you, You don’t have to be stressing yourself with the manual process.

What’s a Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel may refer to a piece of code provided by Facebook for you to add to your website, this code will enable Facebook to track and keep records of the traffic that comes from Facebook.

And you will be able to see this right from your website dashboard.

Best WordPress plugin for Facebook pixel

There are many plugins you can use for Facebook pixel but when it comes to delivering effective work you have to carefully choose those that deliver top-notch service.

There are various factors to consider when choosing the best plugin for Facebook pixel

They include:

  • Plugins that have easy setup
  • Free or affordable plugin
  • A plugin that works effectively in integrating Facebook pixel and at the same time carries out other integrations. etc.

Talking of the best plugin to use on your website for Facebook pixelyoursite is among the best WordPress plugin for Facebook Pixel.

Stay tuned as I will reveal every detail you need concerning Pixelyoursite 

Pixelyoursite introduction

Pixelyoursite is a professional and complex plugin for tracking your website, 

With Pixelyoursite you can track everything at once eg. Google ads, Pinterest, TikTok, Bing, Google Analytics, remarketing, etc.

Prices of Pixelyoursite

Features of Pixelyoursite 

These are the active features of Pixelyoursite you will benefit from when you start using their plugin

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Remarketing
  • TikTok Tag
  • Automated Events
  • ANY Script
  • Changelog

Facebook pixel

This feature sets your website and gets it ready for Facebook ads, it ensures that everything that takes place on your site through Facebook is tracked and recorded.

Below are what will be recorded and tracked.

Watch Video: When Any YouTube or Vimeo videos embedded on your website are played by an Audience from Facebook you will get the tracked record and ID of the particular video.

Downloads: it will keep records when a downloadable button is been clicked, the download URL and ID will be provided at the same time.

Domain URL

If you added the same pixel on different websites then pixelyoursite will be able to provide those events that took place on each URL.

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Adsense: when the Facebook audience clicks on Adsense ads it will be recorded 

Clicks on URL: Every URL clicked will be recorded and tracked 

Visitors’ Browser Time: The pixelyoursite WordPress plugin will keep records of all your visitors’ time zones which their browsers make use of 

This will help you to make decisions on the best time to run Facebook ads.

Facebook pixel on a woocommerce website 

Even if your website is a woocommerce you can still integrate it with your woocommerce site without the knowledge of coding, pixelyoursite will run everything for you.

AddToCart: all the products added to the cart will be recorded and tracked.

ViewContent: you will be able to see the pages of your products viewed by customers.

RemoveFromCart: pixel your site will track and record when an added product was removed from the cart.

AddPaymentInfo: whenever the audience adds their payment info it will be tracked and recorded for you.

Google Analytics

Pixelyoursite allows you to integrate your Google Analytics on the plugin so that you can fully keep records of all the single events that go through your Google Analytics.

The old Google Analytics and the new version are all accepted.

Things pixelyoursite WordPress plugin can track on Google Analytics

Email Links: trigger and record whenever a site user clicks on the Gmail contact links

Forms: every form link clicked will all be recorded.

Comments: all the comments added to your website will be recorded.

Internal or External Clicks: When internal or external links on your site are clicked they will be tracked and recorded for you.

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Google Ads Remarketing

You Add your Google ads ID so that all the events that took place will be tracked.

This will help you remarket and monitor how things take place.

With Pixelyoursite you can track your Google ads conversion and everything that evolves around your website.

TikTok Tag

With a click, you can add your TikTok Tag to your WordPress website and every Audience that visits your website through TikTok will be recorded.

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Automated Events

All important actions performed on your website will be tracked and recorded this includes link clicked, Analytics, track internal and outbound links clicked. Etc.

ANY Script: this feature allows you to insert any script you want on your website header or footer.

Even if you don’t have any knowledge concerning coding, pixelyoursite has made it possible to carry out the process in a simple step.

Pixelyoursite provides other features you might need.

They also have plenty of WordPress plugins which can be very useful for your website.

There are multiple functions to carry out with this plugin, you can visit here to learn more about them.

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