luxurious Modern Home office; Must Have Work-From-Home Office Equipment With Phone Stand 

Luxurious modern home office

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As an online entrepreneur who works from home, there’s a great need for you to design a luxurious modern home office for your work.

This will enhance your overall work performance and give you the ergonomic comfort you deserve while working.

With a luxurious modern home office, you will operate your computer comfortably without feeling any pain in your back or your neck.

A good home office contains all the equipment designed to improve the overall digital experience and help one to feel more relaxed while working online.

To get started with this I’m going to reveal to you the equipment you need to have for your work-from-home office.

There are various pieces of equipment to have in your home office but I will reveal to you the basic ones you need to have to feel more comfortable while working, examples of these equipment are phone stands, laptop stands, phone Protectors, etc.

There is much of this equipment out there but I’m here to recommend one of the best products and companies that produce quality phone and laptop stands that will serve you better.

Introduction to Rackora

Rackora Is a good company that incorporates thoughtful and useful products to enhance people’s digital experience.

They have those accessories and equipment to help come up with a good modern home office.

Read on because I’m about to reveal everything you need.

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Rackora products / luxurious modern home office equipment

Rackora produces many incredible products to aid the human in pursuing their online hustle with easiness.

Here are their product ranges

  • Laptop Stand
  • Tablet stand
  • Phone Stand
  • Device cases
  • Tv mount
  • Screen protectors

Laptop Stand 

As an online entrepreneur, this laptop stand will support you and provide you with the comfort you need.

No need to stress your body again because you can adjust the height and angles in any position you wish.

Rackora Ergo Laptop Stand Elite Edition

Rackora Gaming Laptop Stand Elite Edition

360° Rotating Ergo Gaming Laptop Stand with Fan

Features and benefits of Rackora laptop stand

  • Can be adjusted to any level and height you wish, you can raise it higher or bring it down lower.

the angles can also be adjusted to any corner you wish.

Be you a student, office worker, or digital professional this laptop stand is suitable for you.

  • Made of quality materials, the Rackora laptop stand is made was premium silicone and aluminum alloy, This will make it last longer.
  • Available in different colors, this means you are not limited to choosing only one color for your laptop stand, you can choose different colors for your stand eg. Silver or grey color.

these colors are designed to match the color of your home office.

  • The stand can be rotated, tilted, and swivel to any corner you wish, it can be adjusted up to 180° level for more perfect viewing.
  • It can hold your laptop firmly without slipping off.
  • Heats eliminated from your laptop can be easily disposed of because the rack or stand gives more space for the heat.
  • It can be folded and folded anytime you want.
  • the rackora stand is Very light in weight. Etc.

Tablet stand 

With the tablet stand you can hold your tablet and give it a suitable position you want.

One thing special about the Rackora tablet stand is you can use it to hold all sizes of tablets ranging from big to small sizes.

Rackora Tablet Stand For Home Office

Rackora Pro Stand 100

Rackora Tablet Stand Holder Grey

Rackora Premium K80 Multipurpose Ergo Stand

Rackora Tablet Stand Grey 2 pieces Grey

Benefits and features of Rackora tablet stand 

  • Made of alloy aluminum material
  • Can not be easily broken when falling on the ground
  • Can hold your tablet more fitly without falling away, no matter the size of the tablet.
  • The tablet stand possesses silica rubber pads which ensures your tablet stays very firm on the stand.
  • It’s very light in weight and flexible to handle, Suitable for your luxurious modern home office.

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Phone Stand

The Rackora phone stand is one of the convenient and simple ways to hold your phone.

No matter, the size of your phone you can now hold it more comfortably.

This will put an end to pains in the palm while holding your phone in your hand.

Rackora Vacuum-Enhanced Car Phone Holder

Very perfect for holding your phone while driving a car

Rackora magnetic bottle opener

Possesses a magnetic material that enables it to hold the phone more firmly.

  • Designed in a bottle opener form
  • Can serve many purposes eg it can be used as a phone holder, it can also be used as a bottle opener.
  • Small in nature but mighty and effective in work.
  • Very simple to carry about.
  • Can be adjusted to any height, and can also be rotated to any corner.

Rackora Premium K80 Multipurpose Ergo Stand

This is one of the digital products needed for your luxurious modern home office, it comes with multiple adjustable options and positions.

Features and benefits of Rackora phone stand

  • Looks very simple but it works very effectively
  • More an easier way to hold your phone.
  • It can hold up to 5kg of phone without falling off.
  • It is made of sturdy materials 
  • Can be adjusted to any level and size.
  • Can be carried about any way you are going without feeling tired of it.
  • Works perfectly with different types and ranges of phones.


At this time only phone cases are available on Rackora, as time goes on they may produce other cases.

Tv stands 

32-55 inch Rackora TV mobile cart / Universal floor standing mobile stand

This Rackora TV stand is particularly designed for holding 32-55 in TV screen

It gives your home office a suitable look, we are discussing a luxurious and modern home office.

It has other good specifications and features that come with it.

Rackora Thickened TV mount universal 26-60 inch TV wall mount

For mounting your TV on the wall, this product will give a perfect look to your office.

14-42 inch universal Rackora TV wall mount

Suitable for mounting your TV on the wall

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Screen Protector 

With Rackora screen protector you can protect your device screen from scratch, and dust.

The screen protector is very transparent and works effectively.

Rackora Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2-Pack for Starter+

Rackora 14 Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

All these products from Rackora which we have listed here are the necessary things you need to set up your luxurious modern home office.

To get started with purchasing any of these products you can click here.

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