How to link Amazon products on ltk (step by step for beginners)

How to link Amazon products on ltk

Learn new ways to have fun and cruise while making money from sharing your Amazon product links. How to link Amazon products on ltk of course this is another method to increase your sales. One thing with LTK is creators make money by sharing their links in a cool and simple format.

The goal is to drive more traffic to your Amazon products which will result in more sales of your products, whether you are an Amazon affiliate marketer or direct owner of the product ltk is there to help you get more sales. through this content – how to link Amazon products on ltk you will gain the necessary insight.

Discover new ways to promote and accelerate your sales on Amazon by sharing and linking it on ltk this method has been working for thousands of people and product sellers. One of the strategies to make

What you will gain in this post you will be able to learn the best format to link your Amazon products on ltk, how to navigate through ltk, and the advantages ltk offer to you, all these and more will be learned right here.

Getting Started with LTK

The navigation on the Ltk platform is so easy and user-friendly the platform is where many product ideas are been shared, Ltk was designed to connect people from different places together it’s a world for creators all over the world.

Ltk provides sellers with a powerful community that will help them to grow their audience who are capable of buying their products on the Ltk app or platform, LTK has millions of shoppers that patronize products from the app with more confidence.

LTK helps sellers and affiliate marketers to post their products with strategies and styles that will attract customers, they help creators to steadily post their products every day in a grand style which will help to attract customers.

How to link Amazon products on ltk, ltk was fully designed by a creator to enable creators to post their contents, products or affiliate links and earn money from it.

What you will gain as a creator on ltk by adding your Amazon products on ltk.

·        As a creator you will have your shop for displaying your products with more than 300k shoppers viewing your products in a month.

·        You will be able to get one business consultant who will advise and help you with tips to grow your business in a better way.

·        As a creator you can easily connect with others they have more than 5k brands on the ltk platform, and many opportunities can be met there.

·        There are available tools to help creators monitor and target their products so that they can easily discover which of their products is performing better. The tools enable creators to easily create collections and Shoppable links.

·        On the ltk platform shoppers can easily interact with posted products and make some inquiries, this will help the creators engage with their customers it will also bring more sales to their Amazon products with other posted products.

Step by step on How to link Amazon products on ltk

Adding your Amazon products on ltk is not that hard

The below guidance will help you.

·        Visit the shopltk website

·        On signup fill in the required information like your first name, second name, and your email address

·         Answer the required questions and submit your signup request.

· 24-72 hrs they will reveal your requests and approve it.

·      To make your dashboard look more professional you have to write a short bio on your profile that describes you plus what you sell.

·        Then download their app for easy posting of your products.

The registration process on ltk is quite simple and easy.

After your request to join has been approved you can now start posting your Amazon product links in image and video format. There are just steps to follow on how to link Amazon products on ltk.

LTK platform is looking for creators with the following qualities.

·        A creator that has a public- social media profile and accounts.

·        A creator with high-quality content that can attract shopping and performs very well, also the creator must be able to post daily on the platform.

·        A creator that has large numbers of followers on his/her social media accounts and profiles.

Affiliate marketing on ltk

One of the usefulness of ltk is it enables creators to add their Affiliate link on the platform to attract buyers.

Large numbers of affiliate marketers make use of it to pull sales on their affiliate products including Affiliate products from Amazon.

Daily Amazon affiliates make large amounts of sales from the Ltk platform.

How to link Amazon products on ltk

To get started on linking your Amazon products ltk follow these steps

·        Create short content explaining the products

·        Add attractive images of the products

·        Add the link to the products and publish them.

When shoppers click on the post it will take them directly to the Amazon website where the shoppers can complete buying the products.

Product Discovery on LTK

Many products can be discovered from the Ltk platform creators post different types of products on the platform daily.

Products like home gadgets, computers, fashion wear, electronics, etc. Some of the products on ltk are from Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate products from other platforms.

A short history of LTK

Ltk was created in 2011 by Baxter Box & Amber their Headquarters is located in Dallas they operate on 5 continents. LTK aimed to enhance the creators’ lifestyle to be more progressive and successful.

LTK is empowered by influencers they are among the biggest digital marketing sites, since the day of its creation till now LTK has been improving its services

According to analytics ltk has achieved the following

1k retailer

100+ countries

150K+ creators

5m brands


If you are seeking how to link Amazon products on ltk we have provided the steps and details to follow.

Ltk is one of the platforms to make use of if you are an Amazon affiliate marketer or you sell products.

After publishing your Amazon affiliate products on ltk to will reach millions of shoppers also you can share the URL to other social media platforms.

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