Revealed Secrets on how to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon for beginners

How to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon

For you to sell your products on Amazon it is essential to utilize the use of low competition keywords with high demand, This strategy will bring a lot of sales for your products on  Amazon. We will show you the best method on how to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon products.

High demand low competition Keyword research for Amazon products is the act of searching for those products people frequently buy on Amazon which has only a few sellers.

This is important because it will give you chances to sell your products on Amazon

how to find high demand low competition keyword for Amazon When a product has large sellers making sales on the products will be much difficult that is why many people go for low competition high demand Amazon keyword.

We are going to help you with the best strategy to conduct Amazon product research directly from the Amazon platform which will give you real data of the products people are searching for.

You will learn how to properly conduct a low competitive products keyword on Amazon with Amazon Keyword Research Tools How to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon – All these and many more is what we will show you so that after reading this content you will find the proper way to research for a low competitive products on Amazon.

Amazon is one of the best e-commerce website in the world with over 9.7 million sellers globally that sells their products on Amazon.

Many business owners today only focus on selling their products on Amazon, whether you are selling your products or doing Affiliate marketing on Amazon products, researching low competition high demand keywords will help to boost your sales and generate revenue for you.

How to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon

The following steps will help you to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon products.

As you all know Amazon has billions of products displayed on its website therefore determining the low competition manually will be hard to do and time time-consuming task.

To do this in the right way we are going to use keyword research tools to determine the type of products on Amazon that has low competition and high demand.

Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are online software that can access and dictate data on other websites.

Most of these tools are what people use to determine high-demand products on Amazon.

 The popular Amazon keyword research tools are

·        Ahref

·        Helium

Now, let’s guide you on how to use this keyword Research Tool to determine high-demand low competition keyword on Amazon products

Note: to access broad data from the software you have to subscribe to premium membership.

·        Firstly log to the website

·        Choose Amazon as your target website

·        Insert the main product keyword you have in mind

·        Choose word count

·        Choose keyword difficulty

·        Choose search volume

·        Choose your Audience country

·        Hit on the search

The data concerning the keyword you choose will all show up then choose those that have high demand low competition keywords because they are what people are buying currently and it has low sellers.

How to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon, this is one of them

Direct keyword research on Amazon

This method is widely used by people it helps you to easily locate particular products and it also lists related keywords on what people were searching on Amazon.

You can use this method but one thing about it is you won’t be able to know if the keyword is low or high if you do it with a mobile phone but it can show you the search volume on a PC. Also, you won’t be able to know the country targeting the keyword.

Long-Tail Keywords and Their Importance

A long tail keyword is a keyword that contains 3-8 word count eg  “hair cream for white hair” The word count is 6 and it’s a long tail keyword.

The importance of Long-Tail Keywords is s as follows

·        Long tail keywords will help you to easily target the Amazon products people are searching for.

·        It will increase the sales of your products on Amazon.

·        It helps to bring up your Amazon products when a related keyword is searched for.

Tips for Assessing Keyword high demand low Competition on Amazon

1.       Define your niche and category: understand what your niche is all about and what category your products belong to. For example, if you are selling laptops know that your laptop belongs to the electronic or gadgets category.

There are many types of niches and categories on Amazon Knowing which category your products belong to will help you to determine the type of keyword to research.

2.       Make use of paid tools: you know this is your business so you have to take it seriously by making use of paid tools like helium and ahref to get information on low competition demand keywords on Amazon.

Strategies for Identifying High-Demand Keywords

To further confirm the accuracy of the Amazon keywords you have conducted exactly as it was, there are a few strategies to make use of. How to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon

Follow these strategies

·        Copy few of the keyword you have researched about from the research tools

·        Go to the Amazon E-commerce website and paste it there.

·        It will show you the details about the keyword

·        Confirm to see by yourself if the product has low seller and high demand.

Is as simple as you can imagine(you can read how to make money for reviewing Amazon products)


How to find high demand low competition keyword on Amazon. You can either use a paid tool or use an Amazon search bar.

To get the broad details of the products it is preferable to use paid tools like helium or ahref.

After following these details and steps we have mentioned your success and chances of massive sales on Amazon products are guaranteed.

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