Honest Reviews of Prostretch Foot Rocker: Users Share Their ProStretch Experiences

Prostretch foot rocker

Embrace your comfort with a Prostretch foot rocker, pamper your tired feet, and relieve them from stress and pain with just a simple device.

Feeling relief from your foot pain can only be achieved with a foot rocker. We will review and discuss about Prostretch foot rocker for you to fully understand how it works, everything about it, and how to make use of it for your advantage.

A foot rocker

A foot rocker is a device designed to help people stretch and exercise their feet providing them the comfort they need.

There are many different types of foot rockers, there are also different companies that produce foot rockers, one of them is Prostretch.

Prostretch foot rocker overview 

Prostretch is a company that produces different equipment for athletes, they have been in the business of producing sports and gym equipment for more than 30 years.

One of their products we will review is the “Prostretch foot rocker”, this foot rocker by Prostretch is a simple device designed in a unique way that is used to perform foot exercises or elevate foot pain.

Foot rocker by Prostretch is Super easy to use, it works perfectly for both males and females, and it can be used by everyone except underaged children whom it may not fit unless they make use of the one that corresponds with their feet.

The foot rocker can be used at home, at the gym center, and any place you feel like making use of it.

How to use Prostretch foot rocker 

It’s very simple to use it’s not that complicated.

To use the Prostretch foot rocker follow the steps below.

  • Place your foot on it:  placing your foot will help your foot to stretch.
  • Balance yourself by grabbing or holding an object: the foot rocker is not stable, unable to balance yourself while staying on it will make you fall off it.

Just to avoid falling off, there’s a need to get hold of an object.

You can grab a chair, staircase, etc. Just any object you can get hold of which will help you to balance yourself while on the foot rocker.

  • Put your foot on top of it then mount pressure: to work effectively, you can only place your foot on the rocker and then pressure on it by raising your other foot.

Make your foot on the rocker to carry the weight of your body.

  • Then start rocking the foot device backward and forwards with full pressure on it, push it front and also push it back.

This exercise is done slowly, pushing your foot on the rocker slowly, no need to rush over it.

The work of Prostretch foot rocker 

The following are the works or benefits of using a foot rocker.

  • Heel Pain Relief: the equipment is used to get rid of any kind of heel pain disturbing your feet.
  • Making use of a foot rocker will prevent and relieve you from Achilles Tendonitis
  • To prevent or get rid of Tight Calves and Hamstrings make use of a foot rocker 
  • Foot rocker devices can get rid of or prevent your foot from Plantar Fasciitis.
  • It can help your feet to be more flexible and perform efficiently during sports activities. Eg running, jumping, etc.

Description and specifications of Prostretch foot rocker

The device or equipment is purposely designed to train your foot and get rid of any negative experiences on your feet.

Below are the specifications and description of the foot rocker by Prostretch.

  • The device is made of plastic and wood material, giving customers the freedom to choose any one they want.
  • The weight limit the foot rocker can carry is 250 pounds.
  • It’s very light in weight and can last longer 
  • It was designed and produced in the USA.
  • Foot rocker by Prostretch possessed a resistance pad at the back or bottom to avoid a slippery experience. This feature contributed to making the product stand out among others.
  • It is flexible and can be used anywhere 
  • Foot rocker by Prostretch possesses tooth or steps that enables your feet to balance comfortably on it.
  • It can be used on both barefoot and when putting on shoes, it can fit adult shoes of size 12.

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Why you should consider Prostretch product as the best foot rocker

There are many reasons to consider Prostretch when choosing your favorite and best foot rocker.

  • Prostretch is well experienced in producing gym equipment: with their many years of they know exactly the appropriate features to include on the foot rocker so that it will deliver perfectly without lacking any good features.
  •  Their foot rocker is fair and affordable: despite possessing one of the best features still the price is brought to a level where everyone can easily afford it.
  • Works effectively: Foot Rocker by Prostretch is super effective and works like magic for those making use of it.
  •  Recommended by therapist. A verified user and purchaser of this product reviewed how it was recommended to her by a podiatrist who encouraged her to buy a foot rocker by Prostretch, with no doubt she bought and and was greatly amazed at how the equipment works fantastically.
  • Full guidance and tutorial from Prostretch: After successfully purchasing the foot rocker, you will be provided with full guidance on how to use the product.
  • No side effects: this is one of the reasons to choose Foot Rocker by Prostretch, you can use it many times in a day without observing side effects instead it will improve you positively.

Where to buy Prostretch made foot rocker 

You can get the product from many online stores, mostly you get them on Amazon or you can get it directly from Prostretch’s website now medi-dyne


Prostretch foot rocker performs excellently when compared with others, its durability lasts longer.

With the product, you can prevent and cure foot-related issues.

However,to achieve the best results with this training device it is recommended to put in efficiency and resilience in using the device.

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