How to sell Costco products on Amazon without getting suspended.

How to sell Costco products on Amazon

We will show you the best method you can use to sell Costco products on Amazon, This could be a great idea like buying products from Costco and reselling them on Amazon, a lot of money can be generated through this means or mode of selling. You will learn how to sell Costco products on Amazon without incurring any suspension or issues.

People are allowed to sell any type of product on Amazon be it a manufacturer or a reseller, Many people will want to know the process involved in selling Costco products on Amazon the requirements, and all others this information will be shared with you.

Costco products:

Costco is a wholesale store where people come in to buy products, they are likely to sell products at a good rate.

The wholesale store is among the store where people comes in to buy stuff in the USA, they have many branches in the country.

How to sell Costco products on Amazon, Many people buy from Costco and resell online on e-commerce websites to make money, some call it drop shipping like going to the Costco online store taking an image of a store then going to Amazon market and posting it there adding their prices and all others

Large numbers of drop shippers sell online products to people who need them while they earn commission when the transaction is completed.

There are popular platforms where people usually do it, mostly on the eBay platform you can successfully do it there without any restrictions.

How to sell Costco products on Amazon and what you need to know.

This process involves sellers getting products from Costco e-store at a lower price and then pasting the image on Amazon products so that when the products are ordered Costco will deliver it to the buyer. Amazon frowns on this method anyone caught doing this will end up with his Amazon seller account getting suspended. Amazon sees it as drop shipping which is prohibited from their platform.

Amazon requires sellers to have physical possession over the products they are selling, the records of the products and their packaging will all reflect from you so that no one will be able to tell if the products come from another party like Costco.

How Amazon will find out that you purchased and shipped the products from a third party.

There are many ways Amazon can find out when any of its selling policies have been violated.

Through buyer’s feedback and reports: when a buyer orders products from the Amazon platform they expect the products to only reflect the seller’s details and also be delivered through Amazon delivery.

But when the products are delivered to them they discover that it does not bear the seller’s details also it was another store like Costco or others that delivered it they may report the issues to the Amazon team then the seller account will get terminated for life.

Unable to provide required details: Amazon may require a seller to provide the manufacturer’s invoice failure to provide it will lead to the account’s suspension.

The best way to sell Costco products or any other third-party products on Amazon

Since buying from Costco and shipping it directly to Amazon buyer will lead to your account suspension there are other ways to do it and be safe.

·        Buy from Costco then repackage the products to reflect your details: because any product you buy belongs to you as long as you bought it with your own money.

You now have physical possession of the product, then repackage it in your way remove Costco details or any third party name, and write in your details. How to sell Costco products on Amazon

This way when buyers purchase the products they will not feel cheated and the information on the products will reflect the seller’s information on Amazon.

This will lead them to give full reviews of the products.

·        Obtain a permit from manufacturers: on registering as a company on Amazon a manufacturer can decide to allow someone to buy from them physically and resell on Amazon.

Also, you may look for manufacturers who are not yet on Amazon then you purchase from them and resell them on Amazon, but package it well to reflect your details eg the invoice of the products will bear your name, etc. This way your account will never be suspended.

This is How to sell Costco products on Amazon without putting your account at any risk.

How to successfully set up & sell your products on Amazon

These guidelines will help you to sell any products you post on Amazon whether you are the sole owner of the products or you bought the products directly from the manufacturer.

Register on Amazon Seller Central

Step one create an account on seller central

The below details are required

·        Your name

·        Tax information

·        Phone number

·        Amazon customer account or business email address

·        International chargeable credit card

·        Government issued ID

·        Valid bank account for receiving your sales fund.

These are the details you needed to provide

Post your products

After successfully carrying out the registration process the next for you to do is set up your products

Post the image of the products you are selling and write well well-detailed description that explains your products and how to make use of them, also you can add more images on the particular products which will help to explain the products better.

 To successfully sell your products on Amazon there are a few things to do

·        Start with a product that has low competition and high demand: this way people can easily locate your products

·        Set good price: you know that not only you are selling particular products on Amazon, but one of the best things to do is set the price in a favorable range, not a poor price though.

·        Make use of ads: you can promote your products on Amazon kdp or you use other methods to do that.

These helpful tips will surely help you to successfully set up and sell your Amazon products, when you follow them graciously within your first 90 days of setting up your seller account you will make it big.


How to sell Costco products on Amazon to do this in the right way you have to purchase from Costco and then repackage so that the seller’s details will reflect yours and not that of any third party.

Failure to follow these steps will lead Amazon to ban your account for life, they have banned thousands of accounts because of this habit don’t fall victim to this.

Amazon wants you to have full and physical possession of the products you are trying to sell to their users.

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