Lastest update on How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest

How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest

Pinterest is a small but powerful tool to promote your Amazon products, its usefulness can not be underrated. How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest and generate much income from it will be taught here.

Pinterest is an online platform that allows users to register and create an account on the platform, also users are free to post their and promote Amazon products on Pinterest.

You will learn the best way to utilize Pinterest for your good and turn it into a dollar printer so that it will be printing dollars for you by bringing people to buy your affiliate Amazon products. How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest is not a rock science we will unveil the truth for you so that after going through this content you will be capable of prioritizing Pinterest to earn money on your Amazon products.

A lot of bloggers have been following this method and strategy we are about to unveil and it’s working for them, when you follow everything we are going to discuss it will also work out for good to you and make you smile at last.

What is a Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform for posting an image with a link attached to it, when people view the image and click on it, it will land them on the website that bears the link, this way tons of conversational traffic can be gotten.

In 2022 Pinterest recorded more than 945.3m monthly traffic.

You can get more than 5k-1k weekly traffic on your Amazon products through Pinterest depending on how regularly you post.

 Based on research up to 42% of affiliate marketers make use of Pinterest to get traffic.

Amazon affiliate marketing

 Before you promote any Amazon products there are a few steps you need to take they are going to Amazon Associates and signup with them after completing this set you are all set to go.

After you have fully registered with Amazon Associates you will be assigned a unique link to each product on Amazon.

Then start promoting those Amazon products through its link on Pinterest platform and any other places.

How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest

To promote your Amazon products on Pinterest graciously follow the steps and guidance below.

1.      Creating a Pinterest Business Account:

If want to promote Amazon products on Pinterest the first thing you have to do is create a Pinterest account you can create a personal or a business Pinterest account but a business account is preferable because of the features it possesses.

With a business Pinterest account, you can few your traffic analytics and others

  Follow these steps to create a Pinterest account

·        Go to

·        Click on “Are you are business”

·        Click on Create account

  Insert your Gmail address and click next

    Create your password

    Choose your business name

  Choose the category your business belongs to and click next.

    Write your website address

    Select any answers from the questions

    Put your birthday details and click done

  Pick a few topics

      And you are all set

Edit your Pinterest Business profile

This aspect is very necessary after you are done with creating your Pinterest account the next step is to edit the account for it to look more professional.

Follow these steps in editing your Pinterest Business profile.

·        Add a business profile picture: you need a high-quality business profile that reflects what your Pinterest account is all about you can add a logo or any other picture as your profile picture.

·        Edit your bio: bio explains what your business is all about write a descriptive bio on your Pinterest profile. You can write something like “We promote Amazon products in this space” and add other things to it. This is among the steps on how to promote Amazon products on Pinterest.

NOTE: if already have a Pinterest account this steps is not for you, if you are using a personal Pinterest account you can also switch it to business account by following the few required steps.

2.      Pin optimization

This involves setting and posting your pin attractively so that it can attract many views which can result in many sales on your Amazon products.

To optimize your pin follow these steps

·         Create a different board for each category e.g. kitchen materials and equipment you create a special board for them,  create a special board for gadgets, create a special board for fashion, etc.

·        Put a high-quality image of the products you are promoting, the image must reflect the Amazon products also don’t put a blurred image on the pin.

3.       Pinterest SEO:

Optimizing your SEO will make your pin go viral and reach a lot of people without Pinterest SEO it will be hard to get many viewers.

Pinterest SEO involves posting your pins based on the products people are searching for both on Pinterest and Google.

Follow these steps to perform Pinterest SEO

·        Add your pin to the correct category of the board

·        When posting the products make sure the main keyword appears on the post title Add a description of the products on the post, also add keyword of the products on the description box

 (How to post Costco products on Amazon)

·        Make use of SEO tools to accurately dictate the type of Amazon product people were searching for, then go to Pinterest and add the products using a good SEO format.

·        Post regularly: many bloggers and affiliate marketers have confirmed that posting regularly makes their posts rank higher. Eg posting the same pin more than 20-30 times in a day, this strategy will trigger the Pinterest algorithm which will make your pin go viral reaching a lot of views.

4.      Promote your Pinterest post

After following the procedures and steps you can maximize your traffic and views by promoting your Pinterest post.

There are many ways to promote it you can share the Pinterest link on other social media or you make use of Pinterest ads, currently Pinterest allows people to advertise on the platform.


I know you have learned a lot concerning How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest,  even if you are a blogger you can make use of Pinterest to get traffic to your blog.

Many Amazon product affiliates only focused on Pinterest as their main source of traffic and they are getting good results from it.

If you want to make it more on Pinterest just post up to 20-30 pins on a particular product daily, this strategy has worked for other and I believe it will work for you too.

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