Microwave oven – rvm320 : Exploring the Features and performance

Microwave Oven - rvm320

Perform wonders in your kitchen and enhance your overall cooking performance more quickly with microwave oven-rvm320, Make your kitchen look more professional and equipped with this modern kitchen equipment.

In this world of modern technology, some modernized kitchen equipment like Microwave is one of the quickest methods used to prepare dishes in many homes.

Most times it might be taskful and challenging to choose one of the best microwave ovens by yourself because there are numerous microwave ovens out there produced by different companies. that’s why we are here to give you the reviews and details of a microwave oven -rvm320 so that you will be well informed before taking your next action towards your oven purchasing.

Microwave oven – rvm320 overview 

Rvm320 microwave oven is produced by one of the most popular kitchen equipment producers known as the “Viking range”.

Viking range has produced different kitchen products over the years, RVM320 oven is one of its products which we are going to review.

The company has been producing kitchen equipment since the 1980s, this is to let you know they are more knowledgeable in producing long durable kitchen equipment eg microwave oven.

Details of rvm320 microwave oven 

  • 16” diameter turntable
  • 2.0 cubic ft. oven capacity
  • 17 3/8” wide
  • 10 1/2” high
  • 18 5/8” deep
  • Interior light

Features and functions of a microwave oven – rvm320

Below are the excellent features that come with the microwave oven.

Keep Warm Plus

With this feature, leftover food can be kept warm for up to 30 minutes without getting cold.

It can retain the temperature of food for a short while.

Child Safety Lock

Curbs users from taking unwanted operation with it and maintain action figures more safer and secure by implementing the child lock.

Add a minute

This feature allows users to add a minute of cooking with just one touch.

 15-Minute Dinner and Preset Recipes

Contains many preset recipes that can be prepared in no time, making it easier to select the heating temperature because it has already been preset.

Countertop or Built-in

Can easily customize and set in any features or settings you wish.

Performance and Cooking Capabilities

When it comes to cooking performance and capabilities Microwave oven – rvm320 performs greatly, it’s heats faster and can be able to handle different cookings.

Its capacity is 2.0, with 1100.0 microwave wattage which enables it to perform more better during cooking or baking.

Noise Level

This is not the type of microwave oven that produces high volume noise which can be disturbing to people.

The noise level of the rvm320 microwave oven is moderate, this is one of the reasons people prefer it more than others.

If you are the type that detests noise then the microwave oven – rvm320 will be the next best option for you.

Design and appearance 

Everything concerning the rvm320 microwave oven was perfectly made including the design which looks more appealing.

With an alluring color that can suit any kitchen type.

The microwave oven itself is structurally designed with a modern style, Also the material used in producing the microwave oven is very strong and long-lasting.

User-Friendly Features

User-friendly features are what many buyers always look forward to when purchasing a microwave.

Rvm320 has easy-to-use features and an Interface which users can easily operate without causing any damage.

The microwave oven possesses written descriptions guiding users on the functions of each feature so that they can rightly press and select anyone they intend to make use of.

Installation process 

The process of getting it ready for use, Rvm320 microwave oven installation is very simple to follow, no much work is needed in installing and setting it up.

Even if you find it difficult to set it up properly there are available manuals provided by Viking Range to properly guide users on how to successfully set it up.

The manual is in a different format which includes CAD form, Document form, and video format.

You can download anyone you wish with below details 

CAD format

3D AutoCad (DXF) – RVM320SS_.dxf

2D AutoCad (DXF) – RVM320SS.dxf

SketchUp (SKP) – RVM320SS_.skp

3D AutoCad (DWG) – RVM320SS_.dwg

ArchiCad (GSM) – RVM320SS_.gsm

2D AutoCad (DWG) – RVM320SS.dwg etc.


Two-Page Specifications Sheet (370 KB)

Use and Care Manual (993 KB

Videos Format

30″W. Built-in Trim Kit – RVMTK – Installation Instructions

All these tutorials were created to make it easier for users to set up their rvm320 microwave oven in no time.

Durability and Longevity

The kitchen gadget lasts longer than imagined, it can be used up to 2 years without experiencing any failure from the microwave oven.

Materials used in manufacturing the equipment possessed great quality which helps to prolong its existence.

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Advanced features 

Microwave oven – rvm320 has advanced features because it was designed with the Latest technology.

Some of these lastest Features include

  • Censor cooking: censor cooking is an advance feature built-in microwave oven to easily dictates the moisture of food inside it so that it can adjust its heating level instead of depending only on the preset heat level.
  • Timer: it indicates how long a cooking food has been inside the microwave oven, this will help to keep the accurate time of preparing a particular dish.

Where to buy rvm320 microwave oven 

Buyers can get this kitchen equipment directly from the Viking range website or through one of their verified vendors if they are outside the USA.

To easily locate your nearest verified seller

  • Visit Viking website
  • Scroll down and click on “Find a dealer” 
  • Enter your country and the details of the verified dealer near you will show and up, then you can use it to contact and purchase from them.

Why microwave oven – rvm320

  • It’s produced by Viking range a reputable producer of different kitchen products and equipment parts.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting.
  • It enhances the overall cooking performance.
  • Microwave oven -rvm320 possessed advanced features.
  • Available customer support to help users anytime the needs arises.
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