Can i make money reviewing Amazon products (maximize your earning with products review)

Can i make money reviewing Amazon products

Learn how to generate thousands of dollars by simply writing a review on Amazon products – Can I make money reviewing Amazon products, yes you can now get paid for simply writing reviews on Amazon products.

Many people today earn money by simply locating particular products on Amazon and writing reviews about it boom! they earn money from it, this seems interesting right? Can I make money reviewing Amazon products We will teach you the steps to follow so that you can start making your own money by going to Amazon, choosing a product, writing a review about it, and receiving your payment In your provided account stay tuned as we reveal the secrets and steps to you.

Amazon is a large E-commerce where many people buy and sell products online, the website was founded on 5 July _1994, _in Bellevue, _Washington,_ United States.

Since the days of its creation, many Wonderful features have been added to enable many users to benefit and earn from it, this includes writing reviews on products you like and getting a commission.

Most times when people want to buy any products from Amazon they will first look below to see what people were reviewing concerning the products, if the review is okay by them they will go for it, if it’s not okay they will go for another product that seems good to them.

This is the main reason why product sellers hire people to drop good reviews on their Amazon products, not only on Amazon but also on many E-, e-commerce websites. Can I make money reviewing Amazon products sure you can we are going to reveal secrets

How writing a review on Amazon products works

Reviewing products on Amazon means writing short content on the product describing how good the products performed for you and urging people to also patronize the product.

After writing these wonderful reviews you will be paid by the product owners you can decide to write 20 -40 reviews in a week and earn up to $70-$100 or they give you points and gift cards which will be redeemable, you can receive your payments from the owners through PayPal, US bank account or Payoneer.

Unfortunately, This particular program of reviewing products and getting paid was suspended in the year 2016 by Amazon.

They stopped this to enable buyers to receive real information about the products they were about to purchase instead of reading fake reviews.

Although the suspension of getting paid for reviewing a product was made people still do it but in a careful way.

Product sellers on Amazon now hire freelancers from other platforms to perform the tax for them, the reviewer account on Amazon is at risk of ban banned if he does it frequently.

Can I make money reviewing Amazon products

Chill, Since the old method of writing reviews is no longer working there is more potential and an approved method of writing reviews on Amazon products and getting paid.

This method is safe and approved by Amazon, many people making use of this method are laughing out loud because of the reviews they are making.

Imagine when you write a review of a product worth $300 you earn a commission of $30 or more in other ways it may be referred to as Affiliate marketing on Amazon.

How to get started with Amazon product reviews

For you to start earning money on Amazon by reviewing products there are a few steps to take

they include

·         Visit Amazon Associates

·        Click on signup

·        Fill in your information and required details and also put in your payment details for receiving the commission.

·        Put in your website, blogpost domain is not allowed (you can add up to 500 websites but one website is good to go)

·        After successfully registering you can now start writing reviews on products and get paid.

·        To get the type of product you want and write a review on it visit on the same device and browser you used to register on Amazon Associates.

·        You will see tons of products select the category you want and choose any product you want, click on it, and look at the top left you will see options to select the product link.

·        Each product has 3 types of links choose the type you want.

·        Go to your website insert the link then write a review about the product describe how it works and how to use it.

After you are done publish it and start sharing the content links on social media or email addresses of people.

Earning potential of Amazon product reviews

Can I make money reviewing Amazon products yes you can maximize your potential and earn a lot of money from writing reviews on Amazon products

When your reviews start getting traffic and people see how wonderfully you wrote the products they may click on the link and purchase the products, you will earn your commission directly from Amazon.

Your earnings or commission from the product reviews will be displayed on your Amazon Associates dashboard.

You can withdraw it when it reaches $30 and above.

This is how you can currently make money reviewing Amazon products.

Without writing the product reviews on your website you can decide to write the review directly on social media like Quora and others when people clock and purchase it you also will earn commission.

Monetization methods for Amazon product reviews

Can I make money reviewing Amazon products – You can start monetizing your Amazon product reviews by posting them on your website.

Follow this method you will succeed

·        Design your website to have a good look and user friendly.

·        Make sure your website loads very fast so that there’s no delay in showing content when users visit it.

·        Go to Amazon and select as many products and their links as you want, You can select more than 100 and more products

·        Write good reviews about it, they content length should be about 300 and above words about it

·        Insert the product’s affiliate unique link of your own also put an image of it.

·        Start driving traffic to the website it might be organic or paid traffic.

·        As people are buying you will be earning money.

This is one of the methods people use to monetize their website or Amazon product reviews.

You can earn more than $1000- $5000 commission monthly.


Can I make money reviewing Amazon products? Yes although the known old method no longer works with the current method we have explained you can make thousands and millions of dollars by writing reviews on Amazon products.

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