6 Best Bluetooth Speaker For Pc – portable Bluetooth speaker for your PC 2024.

Best bluetooth speaker

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the best Bluetooth speaker for PC. It is essential to have a good speaker connected to your PC, especially if you are dealing with sounds or music.  Good Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth speakers can give you an overwhelming sound experience.

To choose the best Bluetooth speaker for PC we will narrow our ranking based on the following criteria.

  • Overall best
  • Best (less- costly)
  • Portability
  • Best for sound quality
  • With a built-in radio
  • Smart control.
  • Battery life 
  • Weight 
  • Dust and water resistant

Our ranking of the best Bluetooth speakers for PC is based on the above-listed criteria.

It always feels good to listen to good music or any sounds with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.  With this Bluetooth speaker, you don’t need wires or cables to connect them to your PC. This is because the connection of the two devices can only take place through the Bluetooth gateway.  Bluetooth speakers for PCs come in different sizes, colors,  different weights, and battery capacities. Some are very fragile while some are a bit stronger. Some sound great with clear bass and vocals. No particular Bluetooth speaker for PC has every feature listed above.

Here are the best Bluetooth speakers for PC, ensure you read till the end so that you will be able to choose the right speaker for your PC.



1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

Here is our list of the best Bluetooth speakers for pc.


Weight :.  0.94 pounds

Battery life: 14 to 16 hrs

Dust and water resistant: IP67

Ultimate Wonderboom speakers have long been a favorite when it comes to Bluetooth speakers for pc, and Wonderboom 3 is no different. To pair Wonderboom 3 speakers with your PC is very simple, all you have to do is to hold the pairing button and it will show up on your phone, tablet or even PC’s Bluetooth menu.  It is also capable of reconnecting back anytime your device is powered back.  It is also possible to pair two Wonderbooms together for a much better stereo experience with just a few button clicks.

Considering the sound, this speaker sounds really good, even at a reduced volume.  The only cons of Wonderboom 3 speakers is that at a lower volume, which is around 80% or higher, its sound will start to feel muddled. Though not with all genres, hip-hop, and metal are prone to this. This con is not enough to detract us from recognizing how good the Wonderboom sounds. However the volume is below 80%, and the song sounds as vibrant as any other UE speaker.

In size, Wonderboom 3 is bigger than the clip 4,  so these speakers are not really portable. Its elastic loop is not as effective as that of JBL Clip 4’s metal, though it produces clearer sounds, maybe because of its size. The Wonderboom 3 just like any other Wonderboom series is waterproofed. You are free to use it in the shower or float it in the pool.  There is a plastic door that covers the charging port when not in use to prevent water from entering into the speaker.

2.  Tribit XSound Go

Tr Bitz Sound Go profile 

Color: Black

Weight: O.81 pounds

Battery life: 24 to 28 hrs

Cost: Less Expenses ($26 -$50)

Dust and water Resistant: IPX7

Tribot XSound Go is another good choice for your PC. According to a Former strategist, writer Jordan Bowman, who reviewed and tested these speakers, “despite its low price, the speaker competes with JBL Clip 4 and also with UE Wonderboom 2 which is the previous version of our number one pick. Bowman noted that at higher volume, for instance at 80%, some distortion may occur. That cons won’t make us not recognize some other good features of the Tribit XSound Go.  The XSound speakers is made with a plastic shell that looks like the old Beats pill rounded speaker. It features simple control button for powering on and off, for playing and pausing, and connecting with Bluetooth.


3.  JBL Clip 4 

JBL Clip 4 speakers profile

Color:  Different colors available

Cost : medium ($60 to $80)

Weight: 0.53 pounds

Battery Life: 10 hours

Dust and water Resistance: IP67

If you are looking for the best portable Bluetooth speaker for your PC,  JBL Clip 4 speakers is the right choice for you. This speaker is probably the smallest speaker that we have tested, weighing over half-pound.  Despite its light-weighted nature, the battery still stays for about 10 hours.  It might not look good as our first pick Wonderboom 3 but it does it’s job adequately.  During our testing, this speaker managed to sound clear even in the presence of background noise such as waves and wind.  It features a clip that allows you to attach it to nearly anything. With the rubber ribs on the back of the speaker, you can place it on any flat smooth surface.  The rubber ribs is needed because at high volume, Clip 4 is prone to significant vibration. Clip 4 is also water and dust-proof, and can be able to withstand a few falls on a hard surface.

4. Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker profile 

Colors: Different colors

Cost: High ($170 to $200)

Battery life : 20 hrs

Dust and water resistant: IPX4

Weight: 1.51 pounds 

If you are in search of the best Bluetooth speaker for PC with good manual control Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker should be your choice.   Marshall Emberton speaker has manual controls,  it adds a circular joystick control to the mix. You can use this joystick to control your song. For instance, when you move it to the right or left, it’s called Skios songs, when you nudge it up or down, it increases or lowers the volume, when you hold it down it means to power on or off. This might sound interesting right, anyway good control shouldn’t be the only criterion for choosing a speaker for your PC. 

The Marshall Emberton speaker looks like an old-school guitar amp. If you like the way the amp looks then this Speaker is the right choice for you.  The Speaker shape looks like a brick, very tough and is covered with thick protective Silicone, it sounds immersive irrespective of the genre. 

5.  Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen 


Color: varies

Battery capacity: 18 – 20 hrs

Weight: 1.23

Cost:  costly ($279 – $300)

Dust and water resistant:  IP67

Bang & Olufsen is known for a speaker that has superior sounds, and their newest product i.e next-generation A1 is no exception.  This A1 Bluetooth speaker produces sound with better clarity. The size of the speaker will actually keep you in doubt if it can produce quality sounds.  During our testing period with different albums, we were able to hear the vocals of songs with heavy bass. According to Bowman, the dustproof and waterproof Beosound is just right, giving you the correct loudness and clarity.

To connect this Bluetooth speaker to your PC is simple just follow the general process of Bluetooth connection.  The Beosound battery can last up to 18 hours when fully charged, it also supports USB-C changing for an up-to-date cable setup.  The only con that this speaker has is voice assistance setup, it is a very tedious process 

6.  Sonos Roam 

Sonos Roam profile

Color: Different colors

Cost:  $179 – $200

Battery life: 10hrs

Dust and water Resistant: IP67

Sonos Roam Bluetooth speaker is best for your PC if you are looking for a smart speaker and also can be integrated into your home-made setup. This speaker is also as portable as several other speakers that we have discussed so far. With Sonos Roam Bluetooth speakers you can pair to other Sonos devices like One or Arc for better stereo sound.  This speaker also has a feature that supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this enables you to control all your songs with your voice.

This speaker has the crispest sound quality, to get the best of the sound you will have to properly balance the bass and treble. This speaker has additional features like nifty software which makes the speaker adapt its sound to any environment it finds itself in. This speaker produces better sound when placed outdoors. 

When you pair a Sonos Roam Bluetooth speaker with another Sonos device, you can swap songs between two devices.  The battery capacity is not too good when compared to other Speakers, however, this speaker is also Qi compatible, it can charge wirelessly.


We have reviewed a good number of the best Bluetooth speakers for PC, and not just for PC’s you can also use it on your home theater sound system and it will come out good.  Those speakers are of great quality.  Also, make your own research before buying any of the recommended speakers. If you have any problems or questions about the speakers that we reviewed, feel free to send in your question through our email address, you can locate our email address at the contact us section of our blog.

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