Guidance on How to activate roaming in Nepal telecom

How to activate roaming in Nepal telecom

You can now easily activate roaming in Nepal telecom SIM card with just one click, amazing right? How to activate roaming in Nepal telecom, the steps and process is what we will be discussing right here.

NTC or Nepal Telecom now allows Sim card roaming to its Users, this means that users can now use a Nepal sim card in their home country where it’s been registered and also use the same sim card in other foreign countries to make calls, make use of data and send sms messages to others. We are going to take you through how to activate roaming in Nepal Telecom.

What is roaming?

Roaming may be referred to as the ability of a particular cellular network to make calls, access the internet, and send text messages while staying outside the main country in which the network is registered.

Or you can say a particular cellular network can automatically connect to another network while outside the country.

Nepal telecom

Nepal NTC is a telecom service provider that has been advancing greatly in modern technology to serve users better and contribute to making the world a global village.

Previously the year 2001 was the time Nepal telecom SIM card started working in international countries but during that time it was only working on a global system of mobile (GSM).

As time went on they started rolling out other amazing features to better people’s living and increase their efficiency.

Step-by-step guide on How to activate roaming in Nepal telecom.

Here is the step by-step for activating Nepal’s international roaming service on your sim card.

Roaming service is a service that allows Nepal users to get access to mobile networks even when they are outside their country.

For it to start working in other countries there are a few steps you need to take

There are 2 ways to activate Nepal roaming Service they are

1.     Activation Through the Nepal app

2.     Activation Through digit dialing

Activation Through the Nepal app

Follow these steps to activate your Nepal SIM card on international roaming

·   Download Nepal app

·   Navigate to “buy packs”

·   Select “International service”

·   Select “prepaid roaming”

·   Click on “Activate”

·   Select “buy packs” again

·   Then press “OK”.

How to activate roaming in Nepal Telecom, After following these process you have successfully activated your Nepal international roaming through their app.

(Remember) to successfully activate it through the app it requires you to stay within Nepal country so that you will receive the Automated pass-code OTP to proceed.

Activation Through digit dialing

This is another way to activate the Nepal roaming Service It’s easier to carry out this way.

 previously before activating through digit dialing, you needed to visit an NTC counter and make a deposit of 10,000.

But currently, you don’t need to follow those processes again

Below is the process to activate the Nepal roaming Service with digits.

·   Firstly, make sure your SIM card has a minimum of  RS 5000 balance

·   On your phone Dail *1415*7#

·   Select 3

You are all set to start using Nepal international service.

How to check if my Nepal Telecom number has been activated?

This is how to check it

Just Dial *444#.

It will show you if you are using the old version of the Nepal SIM card which does not support roaming or you are using the latest version that supports roaming.

Nepal 2G/LTE does not support roaming it’s only the 4G/LTE that supports it.

*444# will show you whether your SIM card is enabled or not.

How long does it take for roaming to be activated on Nepal Telecom?

It does not take much time for it to be activated, just follow up the process we have listed above within a few minutes or hours it will be activated.

How to activate roaming in Nepal telecom

Also, make sure your Nepal SIM card is enabled or you are using the current version of the sim card (4G/LTE).

Also previously one needed to visit a counter before activating the roaming service which might cause some delays but now everything can be done through the phone or app without involving in much process.

Using data while roaming with Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom also allows data roaming in international places, which means one can be able to connect to the internet with his Nepal SIM card while staying in other countries.

As time goes on they will make it available in many countries currently it’s working in more than 13 countries.

Nepal Telecom international roaming charges

The International Nepal roaming service has some charges attached to it.

The charges are more costly than in the home country.

The following charges are incurred by roaming Service users

·   Incoming call charges: users have to pay a charge for answering incoming calls, which differs depending on the current country the user is staying.

·   Outgoing call charges:  Nepal SIM card roaming service users will also pay charges when calling someone outside the current country.

·   SMS charges: whether incoming or outgoing SMS users will be charged for it, but the charges differ from each country’s.

International Roaming call charges

International roaming calls are charged from RS 7- 135.

International Roaming SMS charges

The cost of sending text messages starts from RS 7- RS 54

International Roaming data

The price of international roaming data costs from Rs 5 -40 per 1 MB

As you can see their charges are extremely high

Also, another thing that may affect the roaming charges is the rate of dollar or dollar fluctuations


How to activate roaming in Nepal Telecom, the activation process is not hard.

Before you can be able to activate it you have to use the enabled SIM card or the latest version of the Nepal Sim card.

You can activate it through their app or by failing *1415*7#.

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