How do I activate my excess telecom tablet -A-Z detailed guidance.

How do I activate my excess telecom tablet

Are you searching for how to activate your excess telecom tablet device? We have documented the answer in a simpler form. How do I activate my excess telecom tablet, watch as we unveil all the steps you need to follow from A-Z.

Excess telecom is one of the most telecom providers in the USA, it is widely used in the country they have been in the service of providing excellent telecom service to people long years ago. We are going to discuss everything about how to activate excess telecom tablets.

Excess Telecom tablet activation process

These are the steps and procedures to follow to successfully activate your telecom tablet.

Especially if you bought it newly you need to activate it for it to start working properly.

Without doing it the right way good results will not be achieved.

That’s why we decided to guide you so that after going through the process we will provide you can successfully activate your excess telecom tablet.

Of course the activation process is quite simple and easy.

How do I activate my excess telecom tablet

To activate your telecom tablet you need to follow these simple steps.

After completing these steps you will be able to activate and start enjoying your excess telecom tablet.

Follow these steps to activate it.

Step 1.

Unbox your tablet: this is the very first step to take,

You have to bring out the tablet from its carton.

Then you remove the adhesive used to cover the tablet screen.

Step 2.

Turn on your tablet: proceed to turn on your tablet.

To do this, at the corners of the tablet look for a turn-on button press it, and give it a few seconds to on.

Step 3

The activation: To activate your monthly service firstly, you have to turn off your “Wifi” After turning off the wifi it will enable you to activate and start using Data.

This is just the step to follow so easy and simple

Information about Excess telecom service

Let’s discuss some information you need to know about Excess Telecom Company and its services.

Excess Telecom was founded in the year 2012 by insightful founders who saw the importance of connecting people.

There has been a great improvement Since the year it was founded till date. Excess Telecom was able to connect hundreds and thousands of subscribers each month who are in different categories like family, friends, students, organizations, etc.

Excess telecom services believe in their subscribers a tangible hand up instead of giving handouts

Their good service has helped many people and families in great ways through their continued service of affordable and reliable devices to their subscribers.

The services they render to people will help to make the world a better place and also bring development to rural communities.

How do I activate my excess telecom tablet, we will still discuss more on this.

Excess Telecom is a well-known service provider in the USA they are government-funded or you can call them ACP which means “Affordable connectivity program”.

The ACP always gives discounts to users every month.

One thing about their discount is it cannot be transferred from individual to individual or from household to household, it is only available to the eligible individual or household.

Excess Telecom tablet SIM card activation

To activate your excess telecom tablet SIM card follow these rules

How do I activate my excess telecom tablet, this is what you need to fully carry out the telecom tablet activation process

A Good working tablet: your tablet must be available it should be without any fault.

  A sim card: yes, you must provide your sim card be it nano, macro, or micro size.

Note: The SIM card should be able to match the tablet SIM slot.

After providing these then move fully to the activation process below.

·   Remove your SIM card from its container or your old device

·   At the left side or right side of your tablet locate the SIM card slot.

·   Insert your sim card inside the sim card slot, you can do this by slightly pushing the sim card inside. Make sure the sim card makes a “click sound” With the click sound it indicates that the sim card is well placed.

·   Follow those instructions on the tablet screen

·   Then turn off the WiFi and leave it on a sim card.

·   After following these steps and process and there is no automatic setup you can visit your service provider.

Tips for a smooth Excess Telecom tablet activation process.

·   After inserting the SIM card and turning on the tablet carefully follow up the instructions written on the screen

·   Be careful when inserting the SIM card to avoid breaking the SIM card or spoiling the SIM slot.

·   Make sure the tablet SIM slot fits the SIM card you are about to insert.

·         Follow up the guides we have listed above you will surely get a smooth activation process.

Troubleshooting activation issues with Excess Telecom tablet

To troubleshoot activation issues with the Excess Telecom tablet follow these steps

·   Reboot your device: if you turn on your tablet first before inserting your sim card it might not function properly, to troubleshoot it re-boot your device so that it will properly connect.

·   No sim card troubleshooting: after inserting the sim card still it’s showing “no sim card”.

Try to re-insert it again and make sure you hear the “clicked sound”

If the issues you are experiencing on your new excess tablet device are unsolvable you can reach out to excess customer support for help.

How do I activate my excess telecom tablet, hope you can now do this on your own.

Is Excess Telecom legit?

To determine its legitimacy several things needed to be considered 

This includes

  • The reviews of people concerning the product or company
  • Considering if the company is registered with government regulatory bodies.

Considering these facts

Many people have been testifying greatly about excess telecom tablets.

On Reddit, one particular school testified how he received the excess telecom tablet, he described the particular products he received and was happy with the product.

While others complained how bad the product is, however before involving yourself in the product you have to thoroughly do a personal investigation about it.

About registering with authorized regulatory bodies Excess Telecom is one of the designated service providers for the government-funded ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program).

ACP is a benefit from the government which offers people devices at a discount price.

excess telecom tablets make phone calls

You can use an excess telecom tablet to make phone calls if the tablet is capable of making phone calls.

To be sure the tablet you are requesting from Excess Telecom can make calls, discuss with their agent, and describe to them the particular tablet you need.

You can also use it to connect to the internet.

Customer support for Excess Telecom tablet activation

Here is their customer support number

800-615-0898 you can call them at the number

Or chat with them live by visiting their website

They will provide more guidance for you.

You can also send them mail through their address

Excess _Telecom, c/o Customer _Support,

3245 _Peachtree _Parkway, _ Suite D,

Suwanee, _GA 30024.


How do I activate my excess telecom tablet, the activation process is quite easy and simple to do.

We have explained step by step how to achieve it.

We hope this piece of write-up was able to solve what you are looking for.

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