5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence: That Will Be Developed in 2023

5 applications of artificial intelligence
5 applications of artificial intelligence

5 applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI),this is now more than a buzzword in and outside the technology industry. It is expected that every worker in their various sectors will embrace and integrates artificial intelligence in overcoming difficult tasks as well as providing fast and simplified work experience.

The obvious reliability and reduced human effort (bias and error) of AI are gaining momentum each day for companies and households to incorporate artificial intelligence operations in their day-to-day activities.

In governance, education, transport, sports, manufacturing, business, and so on, artificial intelligence is becoming more than a household name.

As someone said, “Artificial Intelligence is creating a world without choice”. This, of course, will happen in 2023 and beyond. Artificial Intelligence will spread like wildfire, bringing the resultant concerns and benefits to the world at large.

In this article, we will show you 10 applications of artificial intelligence that will shock the world in 2023.

The Concept of Artificial Intelligence

The development of systems with human characteristics such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from past experience is generally what is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science and an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches such as machine learning, deep learning, robotics, etc.

The Good of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a growing part of our everyday life. Tech companies across the world are investing immensely in the conception, design, development and delivery of artificial intelligence solutions.

AI improves work and enhances operations that ordinarily would be very tasking and time-consuming. The following are the good that AI has affected the world with:

  • New inventions
  • Unbiased judgement and Decisions
  • Reduction in Human Error
  • Zero Risk Involvement
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Perform Repetitive Routine Tasks
  • Digital Assistance
  • Automated Operations
  • Reduce Paperwork 
  • Reduce Labour cost

Artificial Intelligence That Will Shock the World in 2023

Hollywood’s science fiction scenes that usually seem unbelievable and impossible are examples of how the world is and will witness Artificial Intelligence in coming times. Below are the 10 applications of AI in modern times. 

1. AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is reinventing modern healthcare. Health workers are becoming more effective at meeting the demand in their various facilities thereby generating more income. 

From automating medical visits to diagnostics processes; patients’ experience and the healthcare industry are enjoying a facelift with the use of AI. Also, time is everything in the health world, saving time and reducing the effect of delayed diagnosis and treatment is one major factor AI is contributing to healthcare.

As much as the world has witnessed, AI is used to power surgical robots, discover the link between genetic codes, predict infectious disease outbreaks, provide quick vaccines and produce personalized medicine amongst others.

In a recent study that featured WHO, it was reported that AI can provide powerful tools to automate and inform clinicians, epidemiologists and policy-makers on the most efficient strategies to promote health at an individual and population level.

Some of the AI tools facilitating healthcare systems include PathAI, Vicarious Surgical Accuray, Buoy Health, Kaia Health and Covera health.

2. The Applications of Artificial inteligence in Defense

Law Enforcement Agencies use Artificial Intelligence to know where the next crime will happen. Agencies can now predict and protect against unauthorised intrusions and clamp down on fraudulent activities.

Knowing a nation’s defense rest on its internal and external security architecture. Defense organizations are employing AI-integrated systems to be abreast with the nation’s defense needs and protection. 

Logistics, cybersecurity, surveillance, arms and ammunition, military database and soldiers’ training have all been enhanced through artificial intelligence to achieve better defense operations in the nation. 

3. AI in Robotics

Robots without artificial intelligence perform repetitive tasks with a set of programmed movements. It does not need any intelligence. 

But AI-assisted robot runs 100 men’s operation in less time and produce effective results. This has made many industries to employ the use of AI robots to carry out specific job operations. This robot generally is a type of machine built to resemble humans and take up human-related actions by the use of commands powered by programming. 

4. Self-Driving Cars

One of the most outstanding applications of artificial intelligence is in empowering the framework of self-driving vehicles. Self-driving cars otherwise known as autonomous cars use a combination of sensors, cameras, radar and artificial intelligence (AI) to travel between destinations without a human operator.

Autonomous cars can maintain a map of their surroundings with the use of a variety of sensors situated in different parts of the vehicle. Video cameras detect traffic lights, track other vehicles, and read road signs while radar sensors monitor the position of nearby vehicles. 

What are some of the examples of self-driving cars currently in the market today? The top examples of self-driving car brands are Tesla, Motional, Zoox car, Waymo, Audi, and Mercedes Benz Group.

robotics of techupstar
5 applications of artificial intelligence

5. Smart Content Creation

Are you aware that notable media houses like The Washington Post and The New York Times are already relying on Natural Language Generation (NLG) tools like QuillBot, Wordsmith, Amazon Polly and Google’s Text-to-Speech for content creation?

So what happens to content writers? Although content writing is more of a human job but AI and machine learning can gather valuable customer data and analyze it to create personalized content that will suit various customer profiles and segments.

This leads to better customer engagement, lead generation, and creating a great customer experience. The speed and quality that AI offers can be utilized by content creators to produce customer-specific content. 

Is Artificial Intelligence good for society?

Yes, artificial Intelligence is good for society it is renovating and enhancing society to achieve a milestone.

Artificial Intelligence is just like a smart assistant assisting humans to carry out certain tasks perfectly.

The following are ways Artificial Intelligence has been helpful to society.

  • Environmental monitor: with the help of Ai the environment can be monitored to discover when certain changes occurred to the environment.

It can be used to predict future environmental disasters.

It can be used to protect the environment by foreseeing future disasters so that they will be avoided earlier.

Ai helps in optimizing energy consumption.

  • Healthcare assistance: Ai goes a long to bring healthcare solutions to humanity by helping doctors to dictate the type of ailment in human health.

Ai is capable of dictating health problems at the early stage, previously it was hard to dictate certain ailments at the very early stage but as of now, it can be dictated earlier with the help of artificial Intelligence.

  • House protection: Artificial Intelligence can be used to protect a house eg. by implementing Security dictation in your house it will help to dictate any suspicious movement in your house.

it will alert the house owner so that they will be aware of what is going on, thereby protecting your house.

Artificial Intelligence has been doing a lot of goodies to humanity and the environment. 


Artificial Intelligence Assisted Everything (AI AE) may just be added to the building tech jargon. There will be nothing that artificial intelligence would not do. If the developers can conceive it, artificial intelligence will achieve it. In 2023, watch out for how these applications of artificial intelligence will change the way do our business. Of course, it is in your best interest to innovate, change your perspective to running your business and start learning how to use the relevant AI tools available in your industry.

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