Pros And Cons Of Cybersecurity Advancement You Need To Be Aware Of.

cybersecurity advancement

Cybersecurity advancement is seen as the improvement in cybersecurity that makes it possible to take several measures to keep your company and your household data safe from cybercriminals.  Over the years there have been a lot of cybersecurity advancements,  ranging from new technology and new methods of protecting data to ensure that it is out of reach of the cybercriminals.

Recent advances in cybersecurity technology are the reason why our data is still safe. 

Are you aware that there is a hacking attack every 40 seconds?  Well if you don’t know,  I believe you have known now. Big companies and organizations rely heavily on their cyber capabilities to the point that they can’t do without them. 

Cybersecurity advancement has made it possible to fight malware such as ransomware which is on the rise. Ransomware is capable of bankrupting an entire company. 

Thankfully, cybersecurity advancement provides new paths or measures to keep your company or household safe from cybercriminals. 

Here is some recent Cybersecurity advancement.

Biggest Cybersecurity Advancement

1.  Blockchain

You might only know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are built on this technology, but what you probably don’t know is that blockchain has wider security than you can imagine. The security offered by blockchain is the reason why Bitcoin is stable and trusted.  Recently companies and organizations are beginning to explore ways to use this technology to keep their data safe from cybercriminals.

2.   Automated Data Backups:  previously one of the challenges that companies face is ransomware which targets their computer system. Once the ransomware gets into the computer system it will encrypt the victim’s files containing important information. The cybercriminal will then demand a cash ransom to unlock the files. The problem sometimes is that even when you decide to pay the ransom, how sure are you that you will regain your files? This is because, in most ransomware attacks, cybercriminals don’t even know how to decrypt your data.

The only way to defend your files against ransomware attacks is to back them up, once you back them up, you can be able to easily revert to a previous configuration if it gets infected with ransomware.

3. Two-Factor Authentication: This is another cybersecurity advancement, it offers a higher grade of security to your files.  Passwords are now hacked with ease, though matter how many special characters, numbers, or even capital letters you use. You are still at high risk of getting hacked. 

The only solution to this is to make use of the recently introduced two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is when you protect your system with a second method of verifying your identity after your password.

With two-factor authentication, your account is sure to be safe from any hack or cyber attack. Because it covers a higher level of security than your traditional password.

4.  Machine Learning:  The reason why antivirus software is going obsolete is that the developers would need to identify malware before any solution can be implemented which is not usually ideal in most cases.

Recently, cybersecurity engineers are exploring ways to use machine learning to tackle cybersecurity challenges. It is believed that Machine learning can change a lot of things, they want to make use of AI which will constantly monitor cyber threats. Then the AI will then implement protection without human interference. 

Where’s cybersecurity used?

In a nutshell, cybersecurity is used anywhere that technology is used. As long as you use technology, cybersecurity is very important. Cybersecurity is used at. device level.

Devices such as tablets, PCs, and phones are all equipped with an element of cyber security while some devices are built specifically for cyber security.

Below are cybersecurity elements at the device level:-


Your PCs work perfectly well with antivirus which is an important network security layer. Antivirus is included in some of the systems while some others require the user to install them by themselves.  Antivirus helps in scanning the content flowing in and out of network ports.

Mobile Phones 

Cybersecurity elements and networks differ from each other depending on the system in which the phone is built upon.  Whether it’s an Android or Apple device they all come with their cybersecurity elements. iOS phones don’t need an antivirus because it has an already in-built one, and also they are less prone to cyber-attacks. On the other hand, Android phones require antivirus applications because they don’t have an in-built one and they are more prone to cyber-attacks. Whether an iOs device or an Android device, just like PCs it is very important to keep all your applications up to date to avoid unnecessary Cyber attacks through outdated apps.

Routers and Sensitive Data

Several wireless routers now have network cybersecurity features to protect users against cyber attacks.  Firewalls are also included but then this has to be manually enabled before they can function properly. 

Routers are also capable of encrypting data that is flowing over the network, this would prevent hackers from reading the data.  Routers are also equipped with multiple encryption standards and WPA2 which is the most current encryption technology.

Will Cybersecurity Become Absolute?

Every day millions of Businesses and Organizations are targeted by hackers, it has been established that every 39 seconds, there are hack attempts. It is not a new thing per se, but in cybersecurity, there is nothing like Absolute.  Security personnel work round the clock to ensure that the system is difficult to penetrate.  The goal is always strong deterrence coupled with data and network protection. It is continuous work and cybersecurity won’t become absolute as hackers are always busy looking for a new way or methods to get into their victim’s system.

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What’s The Advantage Of Cybersecurity

The advantage of cybersecurity can never be overstated and below is a brave summary of the advantage of cybercriminals.

1.  With cybersecurity, your personal information is protected and safe.  Your personal information is one of the most valuable commodities in this digital era and protecting them should be your priority.

2.  Cybersecurity helps to protect and enhance productivity: when viruses infect your files it will make it almost impossible to work with.

3.  Cybersecurity protects and prevents your sites from crashing.

4. It will support your IT professionals in n their day-to-day work.

5. It will protect and safeguard your company and business.

Why Cybersecurity  Is The Future.

Cybersecurity remains an important branch of IT that will project into the future. Hackers are getting wiser every day and such cybersecurity will continue to advance. As the human race progresses technology is becoming part of our lives and this makes it very necessary to include cyber security in all of them.  Cybersecurity will continue to evolve into the future as long as tech and devices are part of human existence.

Why cybersecurity awareness is important.

Cybersecurity awareness is a sensitive program to educate firms, businesses, and organizations on how best to protect their vital data and information.

Cybersecurity awareness is important because it helps to safeguard an organization’s data, Systems, and networks from cyber attacks and cyber threats from cybercriminals.  

Cybersecurity awareness also helps IT professionals to understand the importance of cybersecurity and teaches them how to protect their data against any cyber attack, how to identify cyber threats and respond appropriately.

Who’s responsible for cybersecurity in an organization?

In an organization, IT professionals are responsible for cybersecurity. They are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining the system’s safety.  They make sure the organization system is hard for hackers to penetrate. They are also responsible to be up to date with any cybersecurity advancement, and the best way to apply it.

What Cybersecurity Does Amazon Use?

Amazon is a big organization that makes use of different cybersecurity systems to protect users’ data and information. The company has taken different measures to ensure that the data stored on its database is well secured.   They make use of advanced encryption technology to protect their customers’ data. Amazon data is not located at one location and as such they make use of firewalls and an intrusion-detection system to protect the data from any cyber attack. The company has a cybersecurity policy of introducing new security features every two months.

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Cybersecurity opportunities for advancement.

There are a lot of opportunities for cybersecurity advancement, and organizations are willing to pay a good amount of money to any IT professional that is good in this aspect. Some of the opportunities that exist in cybersecurity advancement include:- engineering and architecture, incident response professionals, network security architects, security software developers, and ethical hackers.

Cybersecurity advancement in the last decade.

In the last decade, a lot of Cybersecurity advancement has happened. New ways of securing one’s data and information keep on emerging.  Before now passwords were the only way to properly secure computer systems. But in this era, we have seen advanced ways of doing that which offer more security and safety. Cybersecurity advancements in the last decade include two-factor authentication, blockchain, automated Data backup, machine learning, etc. Those are more advanced ways of protecting information.

Cybersecurity Vs Development

Developers are responsible for developing software while cybersecurity is responsible for protecting the software that was developed.


Cybersecurity is a term that represents the process of protecting systems against cyber attacks. 

Cybersecurity advancements are those developments that took place over the years in the cybersecurity field which helped to project cybersecurity where it is today.

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