The humanoid Behaviour Of Moxie Robot (How it helps depressed children)

The humanoid behaviour of moxie robot
The humanoid behaviour of moxie robot

Technology has come to stay. Scientists or technologists have finally succeeded in incorporating artificial intelligence (Ai) to assist human endeavors.  If you are curious to know what the Moxie robot is, worry no more as this article will give you all the information you need.  

Moxie Robot is a Robot specifically built or designed to help or assist kids(children) with both social and emotional learning.  Moxie Robot is a new social robot that assists to promote cognitive, emotional, and social development.

The company that is behind the Moxie Robot development is known to be “Embodied”. Embodied was established in 2016 by Professor Maja Mataric and his friend Paolo Pirjanian.  Our team of experts first met with Paolo back then in 2010 when we examined the Mint floor cleaning robot that he co-developed when he was the CEO of Evolution Robotics.  

In 2012 Evolution Robotics was purchased by iRobot, rebranding Mint into the iRobot Braava and Pirjanian becoming iRobot’s CTO. However, in 2015 Paolo left iRobot and co-founded Embodies with his friend proof. Maja Mataric.

In an interview with Pirjanian, he stated that the mission of Embodied is about combining his desire to use robots in helping people more directly and also that he has s passion for life-like animated characters and behavior.

He also thinks that developing a robot that helps kids with social-emotional development gives a more quick impact on the life of those children.

What do Moxie Robots do

The work of Moxie Robots is a straightforward one. This robot is developed to assist all kids in improving and developing their social-emotional and communication skills through brief daily instructions. 

As with other Ai technological Social robots, it is vital to note that the performance of these Moxie Robots is affected by several factors such as; different Wi-Fi environments, different noise environments, different lighting, and a host of other factors.

It is expected that with this Robot kids can engage in meaningful interaction, every day with content that is geared toward child development and early childhood education.

Each new week comes with a different theme which includes; kindness, empathy or respect, and friendship. The kids are now instructed to help the Moxie mission which is based on real human experience, ideas, and also life skills.  These missions are activities that may include; creative unstructured play like drawing, meditation, and mindfulness practice through a Breathing exercise. Those children can also read with Moxie and also learn ways to be kind to others. 

The robot also encourages curiosity and equally helps children to discover and know more about the world and people around them. These activities assist kids to learn and also practice some important life skills that include: Making eye contact, active listening, emotion regulation, turn-taking, eye contact, proper relationship management, empathy, and also problem-solving.

Moxie Robots are so different from other Social robots ( or robots for kids), this is because it specializes in one specific thing and also keeps their interaction focused on that one particular thing. Moxie Robots is not a jack of all trades that will later disappoint the users.  

Understand that children or kids are mentioned to interact with Moxie at least once a day for about 15 to 20 minutes. And also for over 6 months. Embodied specifies that children’s interaction with the robot should be three to five times a week. The company believes following these instructions will make the robot have a measurable impact on the child. 

You should also note that these Moxie Robots have enforced limits and also get tired when overused and going to sleep will help in bringing them back to normal working conditions.

Who makes Moxie Robots

Moxie Robots are designed and produced with a company brand name known as “Embodied” which was founded in 2016. The company was established by Paolo Pirjanian alongside his friend Proof. Maja Mataric.  

Since we have given you a summary of the company that developed the Robots. Now let’s go back to the question, who makes Moxie Robots?  Moxie Robots was created by Paolo Pirjanian, co-founder and CEO of Embodied.

The reason why Pirjanian decided to make this robot to help children is because of the trauma he went through as a child.  In a lecture, he shared at one of the priestigous Brainstorm Health conference a few weeks ago.  He said that when he was 14, he  left his home Country with his elder brother because of war and discrimination against his Christian faith.

After taking refuge in the mountains for eight days, they ended up in a country that was even worse than where they are coming from.  He and his brother ended up in Denmark and were sent to prison because they entered the country without proper personal ID. During Pirjanian’s school days, he failed in classes and was his classmate for four years.  Despite all these challenge he went on to  obtain a Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. He relocated to the U S to pursue his dream.

It was Paolo Pirjanian’s tumultuous childhood experience and of course the love and passion for A.I. that catapulted him to create Moxie.  Pirjanian robots were specifically created for struggling children, so they can assist them in developing the Social skills required to live a happy and mentally balanced life.

Who invented Moxie Robots

Moxie Robots was invented and developed by Embodied, a company that was co-founded by Paolo Pirjanian, former iRobot CTO.  Moxie is like a companion robot created for children to help them With mental and social-emotional development.

Moxie Robots is designed to have a 15 – to 25-minute session each day. During those seasons your kids can chat with Moxie, read alongside Moxie, and also play some games that require real-life skills.

This robot is unlike your regular bots, it’s not just a toy purchased to decorate your household, it can recognize a child’s face including their particular learning needs. 

Embodied is focused on some particular technique of childhood development.  It’s like automating conversations as Social stories that allow a child to reflect on what kindness is all about, the meaning of family, and stuff like that.

According to Embodied, they have trained Moxie Robot to n structure-conversation son gotten from children from more than a hundred families within a year. This training has allowed the company to identify certain common topics and themes that the Robot can talk about like bullying, doctors, school, relationship, and a lot more.

Moxie Robot in exhibition
Moxie Robot in exhibition

How much does Moxie Robot cost

You can get the Moxie Robot for $799.00 on their website, other stores may sell higher than this very price.

When comparing the price with its usefulness you will notice that the price is very affordable.

If you find out your child is not doing very well in terms of associating with people or friends try getting her a moxie Robot it will surely help your child a lot.

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Is Moxie Robot good for adults?

This Robot is specifically made for children from the age of 5-10 to help them express themselves and communicate effectively with others.

Moxie is not meant for adults it’s only for kids but as an adult, you may decide to test how it works.

Do hospitals use moxie robots?

Yes moxie Robot can be used in the hospital but not exactly the type of one meant for children.

This particular one used in the hospital only runs errands around the hospital eg delivering stuff to doorsteps, to nurses, or patients 

This is how moxie Robot can help hospital 

  • Reduce the amount of staff they employ
  • Reduce the money they spend
  • It helps nurses to distribute the materials they need. etc.

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Can Moxie Robot walk

No. Moxie Robots don’t walk, the walking features have not been included in the robot design. However, aside from walking the robot can perform other gestures to suit the ongoing conversation. 

Moxie Robot can perform a 360-degree turn on its base in reaction to a child. It can also be done at the neck, stomach, and base to help show emotions.

Moxie Robots is developed for kids. Embodied uses a machine-learning platform, known as SocialX, SocialX permits robots to respond to conversation, facial expressions, and eye contact.

A camera planted on the robot’s forehead helps it to see a child, while the speaker that is located at the lower body allows it to speak to the child.  The battery life is also shown by the colored bar located at the chest of the Robots.

Will Moxie spy on me?

Moxie is a robot designed by Embodied Inc. for children aged 5-10. It is an interactive companion robot that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to engage in conversation, play games, tell stories, and teach social and emotional skills. Moxie is pre-loaded with a variety of content and can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences. It aims to help children build confidence, develop empathy and communication skills, and learn how to navigate social situations. Moxie is designed to be an educational and entertainment tool for children, and it has received positive reviews for its ability to engage and connect with children.

Since we already know what moxie robots are, let’s now answer the question, moxie robots are not built to spy on any one, that is not the primary purpose of the robot. However, we are not ruling out any possibility of that happening, because of that you have to ensure that you take your security seriously.

Will Moxie help my kid’s social anxiety?

 Moxie is designed to help children build social-emotional skills, including self-regulation, empathy, and communication. It can provide a safe and interactive space for children to practice and improve their social skills. However, if your child has severe social anxiety, it is important to seek professional support from a mental health provider. At-home interventions such as Moxie can be supportive, but are generally not a replacement for professional treatment.

Will my kids be scared to use Moxie?

 Moxie robot is designed to be friendly and approachable for children. It has a cute and colorful appearance with big eyes and a smile. The robot’s movements are gentle, and its voice is soothing. The Moxie robot uses pre-approved age-appropriate content and interactive features to engage children in fun and educational activities that help develop their social and emotional skills. Although some children may require some time to get used to interacting with a robot, the Moxie robot’s design aims to create an inviting and non-threatening experience for children.

With the above explanation, moxie robots are not meant to scare your kids or get them to be afraid. However if you notice that your kids are scared of interacting with the robot,  don’t force them,  allow them not to use it. This is because some children can really hate playing with robots.

How can I set my kid up for success with Moxie?  

Setting up your kids for success using Moxie can require a lot of work and time. However we have enlisted the steps you can take in order to achieve your aim.

  • Encourage regular use of Moxie: The more your child interacts with Moxie, the more they will learn and grow. Encourage your child to spend time with Moxie regularly and make it a part of their daily routine.
  •  Set learning goals: Work with your child to set some achievable learning goals they can work towards with Moxie. This can help keep them motivated and give them a sense of accomplishment when they achieve them.
  • Supplement with offline learning: While Moxie is an excellent learning tool, it’s essential to supplement your child’s learning with offline materials based on their interests. Provide them with books, puzzles, and games that help them learn and grow in areas they are passionate about.
  • Celebrate milestones: Whenever your child reaches a significant milestone with Moxie, be sure to celebrate their achievement and encourage them to keep pushing forward.
  • Encourage independent learning: As your child becomes more comfortable with Moxie, encourage them to explore and learn independently. Give them the space to play, experiment, and discover new things with Moxie.

Is AI good for kids?

AI can be beneficial for children in many ways. It can provide educational and entertaining content that can help children learn and develop their cognitive and social skills. AI-powered tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants can also help children with homework, answer their questions, and give personalized feedback.

However, it is essential for parents to closely monitor their children’s use of AI and ensure that they are not exposed to unsafe or inappropriate content. Parents should also encourage their children to balance their AI usage with other activities, such as outdoor play and socializing with peers.

Overall, AI can be a valuable tool for children when used responsibly and under proper supervision.

What does a Moxie interaction look like? 

 Moxie interaction involves a child interacting with a robot through verbal communication, touch, and movement. The child may talk to Moxie and ask it questions, and Moxie will respond with pre-programmed responses or personalized responses based on the child’s input. Moxie may also ask the child questions and engage them in activities such as storytelling, dancing, and mindfulness exercises. The interaction is designed to encourage social-emotional learning and improve communication skills while also providing a fun and engaging experience for the child.

Is Moxie a robot for adults?

Moxie Robots is not for adults,  but that doesn’t rule out the probability of an adult engaging with the robot. Moxie robots are designed to interact with children and help them develop social and emotional skills in a fun and engaging way. It is primarily marketed toward children, but it can be used by anyone interested in improving their social skills.

Is Moxie robot safe for use ?

Yes, Moxie robot is safe for use as it is designed with safety features such as obstacle detection, automatic stop when encountering obstacles or if tipped over, and protective bumpers. Additionally, Moxie’s content is carefully curated by child development experts to ensure age-appropriate and safe interactions. It is important to note that children should always be supervised when using any type of robotic device.

What age is Moxie suitable for?

According to the MPAA rating, Moxie is rated PG-13. The movie contains mature themes and language that may not be suitable for children under 13 years old. Parents should watch the movie and decide if it is appropriate for their children.

How long does moxie charge?

Generally, the charging time for a Moxie Battery depends on the capacity of the battery and the charging method used. Some Moxie batteries take a few hours to fully charge while others may take up to several hours to charge completely. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific charging times and instructions for your Moxie battery.

How does Moxie Robot work?

As we have stated earlier, the Robot was designed with SocialX which enables it to perceive, process, and respond to natural conversation, eye contact, and facial expressions as well as other behavior like recognizing faces, places, and things.  This helps Moxie Robots to create a very unique yet personalized learning experience for your child.

Below are some features that enable Moxie to work.

  • SocialX: This enables Moxie Robots to Naturally respond to conversation, eye contact, and facial expressions and also to create a unique and personalized learning experience.
  • Battery: The battery which is located at the colored bar of the robot chest is responsible for powering the life-line of the robot.
  • Forehead camera: The camera situated at the robot’s forehead helps it to recognize faces and places.
  • Speakers: The robot speakers are located at the down part of the robot. It enables the robot to speak or make a sound during the conversation.

Below is how to set up Moxie Robots.

  • The robot is set up using the Embodied Moxie parent App.
  • Go to the play store or Apple store to download the Moxie Android or iOS version respectively.
  • Follow the instructions by creating an Account on the app and linking it with the robot.

Parents can use the Embodied Moxie parent App to track their child’s achievement and development for a certain period. The app can used to get curated support and tips from Embodied child development experts.

What is Moxie Robot used for

Moxie Robots is primarily used to help children with social-emotional development.  This robot, unlike many others, focuses on one function which is to help children maintain a healthy mental life.  It is specifically designed for kids that struggled with their social-emotional well-being through some series of well-structured activities such as reading with Moxie, Making eye contact, active listening, emotion regulation, turn-taking, eye contact, proper relationship management, empathy, and also problem-solving.

Moxie Robots is more of a companion for kids between the age of 5 – 10. It is designed to assist kids in social, cognitive, and emotional skills through play-based learning and content developed by experts in child development and education.

As the child is interacting with Moxie daily, Moxie takes and records data from the interactions. The data collected by Moxie is used for measuring the progress of the child. The result is communicating with the parents of the child through the Embodied Moxie parent App.

Embodied makes use of an organized framework known as the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale to measure this data. In addition to keeping up to date with their child’s development, Moxie also uses that data internally to make decisions on which activities a child should do at any given time.

One of the advantages of this robot is that your kids can be able to have a conversation with it, without the fear of being judged.  This robot can never run out of patience and can provide a safe place for kids who might be struggling with communication and socialization. Moxie is capable of providing that mentorship sense to your kids while helping them to solidify both the social and emotional skills they are learning.

Moxie in addition subjects kids to repeat positive affirmations. By repeating those positive sentences such as “I am strong, I am Beautiful, I am handsome, I am brave, children will pick up a habit of replacing the negative and unhelpful statements or thought patterns with positive ones.

How much is Moxie Robot

At first, during the beta days or testing stage Moxie was given out free of charge. This was to enable Embodied to get feedback from Wilder groups of people or families.  At that time you can receive Moxie for just $50.  Now or presently the price of Moxie is $1,500. The price includes a year’s worth of content. When the year expires you will however be required to pay an additional $60 for a monthly subscription. 

Don’t think that is a toy. No Moxie is a tool that will help your kids to achieve their self-worth and getting it for your kids isn’t a bad choice either.


Moxie is a robot designed to help children develop social and emotional skills through play-based activities. It encourages children to engage in conversations and activities in a safe and interactive way. The robot uses AI technology to personalize its interactions with each child, creating a unique experience. Moxie can teach children about empathy, self-confidence, and teamwork through storytelling and games. The robot also provides parents with a dashboard that demonstrates their child’s progress and insights to support their development.


What’s the cost of the Moxie Robot?

The total cost of Moxie Robots is $1,500 one time purchase. Plus $60 monthly subscription for content. After purchasing the robots you have to wait for a year before making any subscription as the total purchasing price has covered your yearly subscription.

Moxie Robot for Autism

From the information available, Moxie Robots improved eye contact, self-esteem, and also emotional regulation or management for kids with autism after interacting regularly with robots. This research is still ongoing and already at an advanced level.

Is Moxie Robot safe 

Yes. Moxie Robots is very safe for kids. This is because all the content is developed by experts who are well knowledgeable in Child education and development.

Is Moxie Robot real

Yes. Moxie Robot is real, it does all those things that you have read above.  You can also make your research to see more of the features.

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