LLC single member payroll – A-Z details you need to know.

LLC single member payroll

Guides on LLC single member payroll

LLC single member payroll talks about how to pay your employees and yourself as a single member LLC.

Every work deserves a reward as a small business owner you also deserve your payment and reward from your business.

How do you pay yourself or your employees as an LLC single member? This is all we will be discussing in this content.

Hope you understand the meaning of payroll and how it works.

Payroll is the act of paying a salary to an employee on account of the service they rendered or done to his business or company.

It also includes tracking how the employee is been paid, deducting taxes calculating the working hours of the employees’ Etc

This payroll can be done weekly or monthly according to the agreed period. LLC single member payroll

In a Corporate LLC that involves more than 1 member, each member is paid according to the level of contribution he contributed to the business or company.

Then when it comes to LLC single member payroll the member is the only person in charge of payment, because he is the only one who owns the business.

If the business has an employee the single member LLC will have to pay his employees from the money realized from the business

But if the small business doesn’t have an employee then the owner will have to pay himself, how does he do this?

He does this in his tax records Because the business doesn’t have to pay separate taxes on behalf of the LLC single member it bears.

So the owner has to record all the expenses, losses, and profits that occurred in the business then after calculating all he pays his taxes and transfers the profit from his business account to his account where he will utilize it for his personal needs.

How to set up payroll for a single-member LLC

We are going to discuss  this in two places

1.     How to set Single LLC payroll with employees

2.     How to set Single LLC payroll without employee

How to set up a single LLC payroll with employees

As a small business owner with some hired employees

These steps will help you to set up a payroll for your employees

·   Get your EIN

·   Seek for state & local tax ID

·   Then proceed to set up a separate bank account only for payroll purposes

·   Select the frequency for paying your employees it might be weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly.

·   Collect your employee’s details And add them to the payroll information

How to set Single LLC payroll without employee

Setting up a payroll for a single member LLC is not that difficult.

Since no hired or employed workers no need for setting up EIN and all that.

LLC single member payroll, all you have to do is remove your profits from your business account and transfer them to your account because you deserve your payment.

How much you will pay yourself will depend on the level of your business profits.

This is very simple to do, no much process is required.

Benefits of paying yourself a salary in a single-member LLC

As a single member LLC, there are many benefits derived from paying yourself a salary from your business.

They are as follows

·   Good salary earning: all the profits from your business As an LLC single member you will be the one to receive it alone without sharing it with anyone.

Also, you will receive exactly what you worked for no form of cheating by anyone.

·   Flexibility of payment: you are the one to determine when to receive payment, you can decide to receive payment every day, and you can also decide to receive payment every week.

Anyhow you choose to receive your payment that is how it will be.

Unlike when you are working under someone you will only receive your salary on the scheduled payment date and date.

·   You will become the boss of yourself: no need to write an explanation letter to anyone when you need an emergency payment. You can easily withdraw your emergency payment just as you want.

·   Financial independence: paying a salary to yourself will make you financially independent.

You don’t have to depend on your madam, boss, or company to earn a living.

Instead, you will be able to employ more workers.

LLC single member payroll

·   Able to Solve personal needs: when you pay yourself a good salary it will be able to solve some of your personal pressing needs.

No need to look for where to borrow money because you receive a good salary from your small business.

How to calculate self-employment taxes for single-member LLC payroll

For LLC single members they are being regarded as self-employed by the IRS.

This means they have to pay their self-employment tax

According to law 110-28 as stated on the IRS website.

We will help you to calculate your self-employed tax for a single member LLC.

The annual total rate of self-employment tax is 15.3%

12.4% goes for social security

Then the remaining 2.9% goes for Medicare, if your yearly income is $250,000 and above it attract additional 0.9% for medical making it the total of 3.8% (2.9%+0.9% = 3.8%).

When it comes to reporting your self-employment tax you have to file that on schedule SE, form 1040.

You can reduce the amount of self-employment tax by calculating every expense and other things that occurred to the business.

The example below will help you to calculate it

As a business consultant with an LLC single member, you make $30,000 in profits yearly.

Then self-employment tax will be 15.3% of your $30,000 will be $4,590.

You can reduce the tax amount by calculating all the expenses like travel expenses etc.

If you find any complexity in the process of calculating your single LLC self employment tax you can consult a tax adviser, he will help you out.


LLC single member payroll is not hard to calculate for single member LLC without any employees.

But for the ones that have employees it might consume part of your time, you can hire someone to do it for you.

Or you make use of online software to automate the payroll payment according to your scheduled time.

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