4 powerful strategies on How to sell a digital products without a website

How to sell a digital products without a website

Digital products can now be sold without having a website, nowadays in the digital era you don’t need to have a website before you can be able to start selling digital products the only thing needed is the right marketing strategies. You will learn how to sell a digital products without a website as you read on.

Sometimes owning a website for selling digital products can cost you some money, most times it may hinder you from selling your products because you don’t have money or knowledge to create a website of your own which will be used for displaying your digital products to potentially customers.

If you fall under the category of those searching for how to sell a digital products without a website, we got you covered. This is the main reason we write this content so that we can help you discover the alternative and best way of making great sales of digital products without having any website of your own.

I know a lot of digital products marketers who don’t have a website still they are generating large numbers of sales daily. You too can do better when you get the right information.

Even if you are doing affiliate marketing or the digital products rightly belong to you, you are still going to learn the best methods to use in marketing them.

Before we proceed further in this topic we would like to break down what digital products and a website means so that newbies will fully understand what we are talking about.

What’s a digital product?

A digital product may be referred to as those products designed and created on our devices and can be delivered electronically via the internet.

Examples of a digital product are an ebook, an Audio, a video, graphic pictures, etc.

A website

A website is a virtual space where owners share information, showcase their products, and interact with their users on the internet. A website allows the owners to get a huge amount of audience from different parts of the world.

We hope these two definitions will be now understandable.

How to sell a digital products without a website

To sell your digital products without a website follow this guidance.

·        SMS marketing

·        Social media marketing

·        Email marketing

·        Ads campaign

1.       SMS marketing

This is a kind of message sent to people’s test message boxes through their SIM card numbers. A lot of people don’t know about this yet but it’s a very powerful marketing tool.

You can market your digital products through SMS, It’s quite insightful to know that a lot of people go through their mobile SMS steady to know the latest messages from network provider or individual test message.

There are a lot of platforms that allow people to send bulk SMS at the same time like MailChimp, termii, easysendsms, bambumeta, etc there are many and lots of them you can use anyone you want to market your digital products by sending it directly to people’s SMS inbox.

2.       Social media marketing:

Social media is a broad area to market any digital products you want it is a place where many people from different parts of the world interact together online.

According to researchers, they confirmed that up to 4.89 billion people make use of social media.

How to sell a digital products without a website, If you don’t have a website start utilizing social media you will make tons of sales of your digital products.

Examples of Social media platforms to market your digital products

·        Facebook: Facebook is a user-friendly social media platform it is one of the most used social media in the world with almost 3.03 billion users worldwide as released by Meta.

·        Quora: Quora is another social media platform used by affiliate and digital product marketers.

On Quora, you can easily get buyers from tier-one countries to patronize your digital products.

·        Twitter: Twitter is mainly used to share useful and business Information’s you can start using it today to market your digital products.

We just listed a few social media examples you can use for your digital products marketing, you can make use of other ones you know.

Strategies on How to sell a digital products without a website on social media.

·        Write engaging and attractive content concerning the products you want to market Write what the products are all about and what they offer, also include the advantages the products offer.

It will draw people’s attention closer.

·        Add attractive images of the products in the content.

·        Add the links people will click to purchase the digital products, then publish your post to reach a public audience.

3.       Email marketing:

Email marketing is another powerful tool to market your digital products without a website, just gather subscribers and start sending marketing emails directly to their email boxes.

Let me drop email statistics for you

·        There are more than 4.1 billion email users all over the world.

·        US adult checks their email frequently like 5 days each day in going through their emails.

·        It is recorded that 58% of people when they come online the first thing they check is their email (this statistic was stated by OptinMonster, 2021).

·        42% of US adult always check their personal email first before having breakfast.

We conducted these email statistics for you so that you can start making use of email marketing to market your digital products to people even if you don’t have a website.

You can use email marketing platforms like MailChimp to send bulk emails to people’s inboxes.

NOTE: don’t spam people’s email boxes with your emails you can decide to send them twice a week.

4.       Ads campaign:

Running ads will help you boost the visibility of your digital products to large numbers of people, running ads is not that hard there are many social media platforms where you can run your ads like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

Ads campaign is one of the ways on How to sell a digital products without a website but it can cost you a small money to run it.


Not having a website will no longer hinder you from your digital marketing for we have listed those strategies on How to sell a digital products without a website start utilizing all or any of them that seems best for you.

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