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Write with AI writing assistant

 What is the best AI writing assistant? almighty Jasper is unarguably the best. Many have discovered Jasper to be the best AI writing assistant currently leading with its spectacular features and standards. You first input intend search words, which Jasper scan before formulating phrases or report as regards the search words input. Jasper is capable of constructing about 1000 and above words articles in just 10 minutes.

Jasper has more than 50 Ai content-making templates which includes Facebook ads creation, Google ads Creating, marketing sales copy meta titles and solid description, and blog post, etc.

Below is a compilation of some of the amazing features that Jasper has.

. Jasper has about 2500 categorizations of writing skills and 10,000 and above font style

.Assist with not less than 25 languages

. instinctive interface

.With more compilation of writing assistance of more than 1000 words.

. Point out key elements in text Which include pronouns, verbs and names etc.

. Keeping companies folders organized with multiple projects.

. fast content builder with many copywriting skills in one document.

. Good in optimizing content to rank for valuable keywords with their surfer Seo partnership

Is Jasper Ai Free 

More like every other amazing app with great features like Jasper. Jasper first 10,000 words are free trials. After the trial, if you decide to continue their plans start at the rate of $29/month. Jasper is capable of writing any kind of content you can ever think of ,from LinkedIn bios to product descriptions.

How to get Jasper Ai For Free

First of all,you visit the official website of Jasper,@Jasper Al . You will see,get free 10,000 words,when you click on get started. You can as well  see the Try for free button on the right corner of the page .

Can Jasper write a ranking blog post?

 Yes,it is possible to use Jasper to write a blog post that ranks higher in Google. You integrate straight up with Surfer SEo tool.

To have a deeper knowledge about Surfer SEO and the distinctive compact that Jasper end-users get. Here is it.

As a writer , you have to get in the know of the modus operandi of how Jasper Ai thinks and how Boss mode works. The first thing is having the ability to evaluate the program in their Bootcamp. This self discovery helps in  figuring out what one needs to realize in preparation to writing a ranking blog post with Jasper Ai.

Jasper Al is capable of helping to write a superb blog post that can rank high on Google search engines with the aid  of Surfer SEO, including your help as well.

Thinking of Jasper Al with Surfer SEO as taking the task of creating a ranking blog post and you’re only Left with the responsibility of Editing. You will actually need to give Jasper Ai with some instructions and order and make some corrections in the cause of the content making . Jasper Ai will definitely not write the entire content in a single drop . You will as well bring out time in working with Jasper Al in order to create an SEO base ranking blog post.

What is Surfer SEO

Based on the recent review ,as the name implies. Surfer SEO is more of an on-page optimization device that assist in creating SEO base blog posts as well help in optimizing available contents for better Google ranking and visibility.

Is actually no doubt, Surfer SEO is excellently in high demand in the cause of creating an SEO base content and updating existing contents in page. Most people use Surfer as a preferred tool followed by semrush SEO tool which is in review.

When you optimize or build  a blog post with Surfer SEO,it analysis about 500 and more on-page signals just in one single drop.

 Some of the signals are mostly TF-IDF, meta titles,Alt tags,LSI,NLP,etc

Isn’t that interesting?

So for one not to brainStorm and approximate, the  Surfer SEO makes available data driven analysis on it takes to rank more on Serp.

The Surfer SEO also is embedded with keywords research modules, Which has less reliability like Ahrefs and semrush.

In the cause of this review, there’s going to be an in depth of all the amazing features that Surfer SEO has.

What’s the recent New features in Surfer SEO?

1. The free plan: Surfer SEO has just introduced a plan which is free and as well marketers friendly especially the newbies. It’s an amazing feature because it allows you to check limitless infancy website’s in order to get topic recommendations and optimize the blog post thoroughly.

2.The Content planner:This plan actually helps in creating an  absolute content pattern for websites and blogs . This  module was experimented using Demand Sage ,a quite number of topics and keywords were obtained. Is good at creating content programmes even though it is less effective.

3.The Brief:

This particular module is Best at creating amazing contents outlined in just a few minutes. It was experimented to create content outlined. It was actually the best of its kind. On this note we say that Surfer SEO has officially partnered with Jasper Al in order to create outlines on the spot. When it was experimented, the futures outline have same working principles like fraser.io.

The module’s Which suffer has recently introduce will be explained as you below .

The Ease of use and interfaces of Surfer SEO Modules.

1. keyword research

2. Content planer

3. content Editor 

4. SERP analyzer

5. Audit

At this point let’s discuss in details, the offers of Surfer SEO starting with the Keywords researcher.


You don’t actually depend much on surfer on making keywords research to be sincere, I strongly recommend  Ashrefs and Semrush because they have been reliable for years and they’re the best keywords research tools available now.

To help you have a good understanding  of Surfer keywords. It was experimented for two months for exceptional primary keywords research. 

First of all you will enter the intern search keyword to begin with. Its working principles is equivalent to other research tools. Once the intern keyword is input, it pop’s up all Available details and as well other applicable keywords suggestions.

This recent features of Surfer keyword research module is more of the SERP alike.

This measure gives you a psychological objective at which the seed keywords overlay with recommended keywords (that is mostly in use).

In other to have a clear aim, with psychological practical illustration, let’s say an intended search keyword you entered is AphaA, which you entered already. Then the pages that rank for that Alpha A also rank for equivalent or related keywords like AphaB. At this point, Alpha B  will as well have a SERP resemblance.

This particular features looks craving but is more like optimizing a page or blog post for similar long-term discrepancies in other to get good visibility in search engine. For a better description, the Surfer keyword research module is good reliability for Bloggers, Newbies, and as well small enterprises.

The other side of the Surfer keyword research module is this, it has no difficult keyword score. That’s why users don’t have to think about the Keyword to go for because of its difficulty.

What’s the recent Surfer SEO keyword Extension?

The recent Surfer SEO keyword makes available a dependable surfer extension that one can install into the chrome browser.

It’s friendly while checking keywords and getting better results. I have as well Installed the keyword surfer which is a chrome browser extension for my everyday keyword research…

You can as well install the surfer keyword, it is free to use.

The Surfer SEO Content planner.

The content planner surfer is of use in several ways. For instance, you want to rank for a competitive keyword like Recent Apps”.To Pop up, on the first page your blog will be needing a good pertinent and as well as assisting contents to support the main content you want to rank.

Here’s where the content planners of Surfer comes into exhibition. It brings out different related topics for that main search word which was input. At this point, it brings out different keywords related to the input word.

You can as well connect your domain to the Surfer content planner in other to get more solid keywords for your already existing pages. Once your domain is connected, Content planner will pull Google console data and as well bring out important keywords recommendation.

This particular feature has been found to be very helpful and it’s as well being used for DamandSage topic clusters. And it’s no doubt works very well.

The Surfer SEO Content Editor

The Surfer content Editor futures is meant to help create good optimized content for Google search engines, this particular content Editor also assists in outlining content which can as well be shared with researchers.

Please Note; the recently introduce Surfer SEO Brief, is an AI content outliner for content outlines; which they have as well partnered with Jasper (formerly Jarvis) so outlines can be created on the spot.

When it comes to the Editor features of Surfer, it’s pretty much useful. In other to get started with the Content Editor. You will input the search sentence you want to create the content on.

Content Editor is very useful and helpful. One of the super amazing features is the LSi Keywords suggestions. It also tells the number of times to use a particular LSI term. That’s why you need to ensure, your content is optimized for humans as well, not just for Google search engine by including keywords elements.

In other to ensure a particular content is up to mark and as well ranks high with competitive contents, you should also make use of “page to include”.In these features, you pick and compare your contents with other ranking competitors that comes to mind.

The Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer 

The Surfer SERP keyword analyzer is the major tool of Surfer.

This particular tool gives a breakdown of SERPs per keyword. The features as well assist you in finding the connection between the SERP position’s results with the on-page factors.

The Surfer SEO is very much in-depth detail and as well brings out valuable data metrics which includes average counts and the length of the content of the ranking pages.

Another example is the volume of H2tag that’s been used to rank the page.

In conclusion, the Surfers SERP Analyzer is of great importance to an extent. Some of the information aren’t important to all users and doesn’t add up to ranking in increasing on-page optimization. Suggesting the removal of unimportant information from the analyzer so users’ accessibility will be easy is highly recommendable.


The Surfer SEO audit is of very much importance especially in optimizing the existing Pages websites easily.

Before you begin, when you enter the URL that you intend to optimize and as well the targeted keyword. The moment you are done entering the above details , you then choose a country you want to optimize the page. In most cases, I leave it for  Australia, Canada, or the U S because that’s where the targeted audience is.

In the cause of my experiment, I am suggesting users follow everything. Try as much as you can to solve your users’ search intent with your contents.

Yes, so this is a complete breakdown of how Jasper Al works together with Surfer SEO in other to bring out the best-optimized content for Google search engine . I hope your research intent was met here.

Is Jasper Ai safe?

Yes, Jasper is safe, it does not harm your browser nor cause problems on your device. Jasper AI is here to help humans come up with accurate content and Information.

You can use jasper ai to your benefit because it is completely safe.

Does jasper ai have an app?

No, Jasper does not have any app as of this post, many people want to find out if this powerful ai tool has its app on playstore but unfortunately, it is not available as of now.

Jasper ai developers may decide to develop apps for it in the future, as of now to access Jasper you have to make use of your browser.

Why do people need a jasper ai app?

Well, it’s simple, many find it easier to access a tool through its app than accessing it through the web.

Also, people are very ok with how greatly the app performs so they may also like to experience how the tool can also perform on its app.

Is Jasper better than chatgpt?

Well, the answer to this question is not just straightforward. Some things need to be considered before deciding one is better than the other.

Chatgpt and jasper ai are both artificial intelligence 

After conducting deep research from those content creators that make use of chatgpt and Jasper we h

Find out that most of them prefer chatgpt.

Many said Jasper Ai is user-friendly; it is mostly useful for organizations while others prefer Chatgpt for its versatile use.

However, the best tool between jasper ai and chatgpt may depend on individual preference

You can drop your comments below.

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