5 Best Credit card for a new small business in the USA You have not heard 2024

Are you seeking a credit card to finance your new business, do you want to take your new business to another great level but money is one of the major problems stopping your way? We get your back, as you read on you will be able to know those credit card for a new small business including how they work and other things.

Credit card for a new business refers to those financing suitable for a new small business which will help the business to strive well instead of drawing the business back.

A new small business is not referring to those large merchants no, it’s referring to small businesses like copywriting, freelancing, blogging, one-man-owned business, etc.

With the help of this Credit small business owners will be able to benefit from the credit card company whenever they make some business transaction, it will also help the business to grow.

Money is one of the challenges many faces when setting up a new business some people might completely run out of money to continue with their business plan.

Not every credit card company offers finance to new small businesses because the small business is yet to have some records, They mostly prefer a business that has been already established.

With the help of a credit card company many new small businesses have been brought to the limelight, This is because the credit company financed the business which helped the owner to buy those materials and items necessary for the flourishing of the business.

There are a lot of available new business credit cards but we are going to list the best ones for you.

Credit card for a new small business

Let us consider those credit card for a new business

1. Amazon Credit card

Amazon card is one of the best cards you can make use of as an online business owner.

Many people or business owners have yet to discover this card.

If you purchase any products related to your business from Amazon, then making use of an Amazon Card will be the best decision you can take to grow your business.

Imagine getting Cashback on any products you purchased within a short period of consistently shopping on Amazon with their card you can be able to accumulate Cashback worth thousands of dollars.

With Amazon Card there are a lot of benefits to gain, They include the following.

  • No foreign transfer fee
  • 5 Cashback on any purchase
  • You can use a lot of options to redeem your Cashback. etc.

Types of Amazon credit card

Amazon offers a lot of credit cards to users, their cards include those that can be used to shop only on Amazon and those that can be used anywhere.

Now here are the 4 credit cards you can get from Amazon.

  • Prime visa
  • Amazon visa
  • Amazon store card
  • Amazon Prime store card.

Amazon is good for small businesses you won’t regret getting an Amazon credit card for your small business.

2.   Blue _Business® _Plus _Credit Card

Credit card for a new small business

  Details about this Card.

·  With this card, you can be able to have a low APR

·  No annual fee

·  12 months of 0% APR on every purchase made within that period. After it’s over you start paying 18.49% to 26.49%.

·  This card is accepted by 99% of places in the USA accepts it.

·  You can earn money from the points you get when a business transaction is successfully taken.

·  It comes with tools that can help you manage your expenses.

·  You have free access to customer service support.

3.   Spark 1.5% Cashback

 This is one of the perfect credit cards for businesses, there are many important things you will stand to get when you sign up with a Spark business card.

They have helped many small businesses business and they are still helping date. Credit card for a new small business

Card details

·      No fee for maintenance

·      You will get a 1.5% reward for any of the transactions you make.

·      Immediately you spend the amount of $4,500 in the 1st month you will surely get a Cashback of $500.

·      When you make hotel transactions with a Spark card you will get 5% Cashback.

·      You will benefit from the seminars and events they hold to educate people on how they can handle their business, maintain good credit scores, and other useful business tips.

·  To get this card your credit score must be Excellent

4.   Bank of America

Card details and information

·  No annual fee involved

·  The card is very secured

·  Within your first 90 days of using the card for your business, if you make a transaction worth $3,000 you will get a $300 Cashback.

·  You stand a chance to earn higher Cashback when you have a business bank account with Bank of America

·  You can easily change your spending category ones in a month.

·  You can easily navigate to your prior spending so that you can easily locate the category you are looking for without stressing yourself.  credit card for a new business

·  Your Cashback reward does not have an expiring date.

·  There are several options to withdraw your Cashback

·  As a check mail

·  To your Bank of America account Etc

·  To your savings or checking bank account

How to apply for a bank of American business card

These are the steps to take when applying for a business from Bank of America.

·  Fill in your details/information e.g. name, age, state of origin, email address, etc.

·  Business name and address.

·  Business legal information eg. Type of industry, federal tax id. Etc.

After you have finished signing up on this information proceed to read the terms and conditions of their service, if you are certified with it then click on “Agreed” then your application will be reviewed

5.   US Bank business triple cash card

This business card is ready to provide those needs necessary for your business growth.

Card details

·  You can earn a $500 bonus when you register.

·  You can earn $1,008 as your first-year cash back.

·  You can earn a yearly balance of $408 Cashback.

·  You can easily track your business spending and transactions with their available tools

·  Upon registration you will get zero Annual percentage rate (APR) on your 1st fifteenth transactions, thethatafter it you will have 19.28% to 28.24% APR.

The importance of a credit card for a new small business

The following are the importance

·  It helps your business to improve: with the help of a credit card your business can experience a great improvement.

·  Smooth and easy transactions

The business card allows its users to carry out many transactions for their business and other important things, it allows users to buy purchase items, pay their bills, etc.

·  Bonus and Cashback: one of the benefits of using a credit card for your business is that, will receive some Cashback whenever you carry out transactions or pay off bills.

Also, some credit card offers a welcome bonus to new users.

Imagine making a transaction for your business then you receive a Cashback.

 this is amazing it will help your small new business to thrive more.


Your new small business deserves more, if you don’t have available money to finance your small business then seek a good credit card for a new business we have already listed a few ones for you, so look for a suitable one for your business.

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