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Best Universities for The Study Of Biomedical Robotics Science in Australia

Biomedical robotics

Biomedical Robotics: In recent years, robotics has become a field of study that is rapidly evolving. It has recorded a lot of advancements recently. In Australia, the government has made substantial investments in biomedical robotics, particularly Biomedical Robotics Science. Australia has the second highest influx of students studying robotics in the world and she can … Read more

In-Depth Benefits Of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots working principles

image credit : From the incessant tedious tasks on the company floor to the agricultural activities, hospitality, logistics, and more, the usage of autonomous mobile robots is changing how work is being done. Many establishments use AMRs for tasks that would have been harmful or impossible for human artisans. What Are Autonomous Mobile Robots? … Read more

Understanding HouseKeeping Robots

housekeeping robot

These days so many wonders are becoming possible because of the advancement in technology.  The idea of robots assisting humans to do house chores has become possible with the advent of the robot vacuum. These days there are several housekeeping robots in the market that can help you carry out tasks from a never-ending to-do … Read more

The humanoid Behaviour Of Moxie Robot

The humanoid behaviour of moxie robot

Image credit : Atoine Tardif Technology has come to stay. Scientists or technologists have finally succeeded in incorporating artificial intelligence (Ai) to assist human endeavors.  If you are curious to know what the Moxie robot is, worry no more as this article will give you all the information you need.   Moxie Robot is a Robot … Read more