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The Benefits & Advantages Of Cybersecurity.

Advantages Of Cybersecurity

In this digital area, our day-to-day life is Gradually getting more dependent on online shopping, e-banking, Social Media, and other online activities that make life interesting. These days we store our photos, and information on our PC and cloud respectively.  The more some aspects of our life are moving online the more risky cybercriminals we … Read more

The Expert’s Guide To Targeted Ransomware Attacks

ransomware attacks

Image credit : idagent. ransomware attacks: In the world of computer networks, cyber security is serious because of the danger involved. Cyber security can be defined as the art of defending and protecting computers, mobile devices, servers, data, networks and also electronic systems from dangerous or malicious attacks. Cyber security has been used to cover … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Cybersecurity Advancement

cybersecurity advancement

Cybersecurity advancement is seen as the improvement in cybersecurity that makes it possible to take several measures to keep your company and your household data safe from cybercriminals.  Over the years there have been a lot of cybersecurity advancements,  ranging from new technology and new methods of protecting data to ensure that it is out … Read more

5 Cybersecurity quote You Have Not Heard Of.

cybersecurity quote

Image credit: Getty Images. Cybersecurity is about the protection of hardware, software, and data from cyber threats or attacks.  Cybersecurity is used by individuals or organizations to protect their data centers against unauthorized access.  When a good cybersecurity Strategy is in place, there will be a good security posture that will fight against malicious attacks … Read more

How an FAA computer glitch grounded flights across the US today.

faa computer, glitch grounded flights.

Image: DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images FAA computer glitch: On Tuesday 11th January 2023,  an important  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) system witnessed an overnight system glitch, grounding flights across the US. According to the information/notice posted by the FAA on Wednesday morning that the United  States Notice to Air Mission (NOTAM) system failed as a … Read more